Shift and Ebrake Boots: Alcantara Suede: Gen2
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Excellent fit. I bought the matte black to try and match the rest of the trim and it looks factory installed.

Removing the OE chrome grill "nuts" was a bit of a pain, so I elected to just snap the plastic threads off rather than attempt to remove them. I wouldn't plan on keeping the OE grill as the plastic threads and stamped nuts are practically destroyed no matter how gentle you are.

The upper grill snaps in and use the same fasteners as the OE. The new stamped nuts can be a bit annoying, just seat the nut on the ball of your thumb and turn. Once the nut cuts into the plastic use a nut-driver to snug up--don't over tighten.

The lower grill just snaps in. I cleaned and plasti coted the bumper black, as you can see the bumper color behind the new grill--my car is red so it really stood out.

This grill makes the car look so much better and more up to date. I really like it.

*plasti-cote is your new best friend*
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Shift and Ebrake Boots: Alcantara Suede: Gen2
. SKU 25110417960
. WEIGHT 1.00 lbs
Price: $64.95
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One of the weakest points of the MINI interior is the cheap vinyl shift and e-brake handle boots. While technically they do the job, they look and feel like something out of a Civic and after a while they tend to crack and split which looks even worse. Enter the official replacement steering wheel, shift knobs, e-brake handles, shift and e-brake boots in Suede to accent your MINI Cooper interior. They're awesome.

To make it ultra easy to swap out they even include the plastic trim rings on the shift and e-brake boots so all you have to do is pop the old one out and new one in. Boots sold separately and are available for manual transmissions only. Shift boot is available with optional Chrome base trim ring. E-brake handle is best swapped out while doing the e-brake boot.

All items are priced individually!

Fits these MINI models:

Gen2 MINI:
R55: 2008-xxxx Clubman: Cooper and Cooper S
R56: 2007-xxxx Hatchback: Cooper and Cooper S
R57: 2009-xxxx Convertible: Cooper and Cooper S
R58: 2011-xxxx Coupe: Cooper and Cooper S
R59: 2011-xxxx Roadster: Cooper and Cooper S
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