Aluminum Jacking Point Pad
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worked like a champ...looks great.
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Aluminum Jacking Point Pad
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If you find yourself jacking up your MINI on a regular basis you will likely feel a bit uneasy trying to line up the floor jack with the little plastic jacking spacers. Not only is hard to line up the actual size of the jacking spacer is a bit on the small side so getting a good contact area between the two is sometimes a chore. With these custom machined aluminum jack pads you can relax. Simply plug one of these into the jacking spacer location and use the pre installed rubber inserts (about 1/2 long and can be removed and replaced if necessary) to create a friction fit to leave it in place while the jack is aligned. When you're done, just pull it off and store it until it is needed next time.

If the tool is pressed directly into the jack point, the rubber bullets may drag slightly as the jack pad tool is seated into the pocket of the jack point. Follow these simple steps and you will find that the jack pad tool is quite easy to use.

1. Insert either end of the jack pad tool block first.
2. Compress the rubber bullets by applying pressure towards the end which was inserted first.
3. Swing the other end of the block into place while maintaining pressure against the rubber bullets on the end that was inserted first.
4. Release the pressure and the jack pad tool will center up in the jack point pocket.

These are sold individually but you will likely only need 1.

Safety Guidelines

- Block wheels on the opposite side of the car
- Use a floor jack with a cup large enough to
accommodate the jack pad tool (3 inches)
- Never work under a car unless it is properly
supported with suitable jack stands
- Raise the car the minimum amount to complete
the job at hand
- Remove the jack pad tool before driving the car

Fits these MINI models:

all current models
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