UNIchip ECU Upgrade + Flux option
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UNIchip ECU Upgrade + Flux option

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Tuned to perform in stages as you add mods to your car, this chip is one of the most unique on the market in that it allows the owner to store two different ECU maps which can be selected from inside the car with the included switch or when the Flux option is purchased from your compatible PDA of choice. PDA is NOT inlcuded in purchase price. The maps are designed to match up with common MINI Cooper S upgrades and were tested and refined at Unichip. This is the best choice for those who want the next level of control and don't want to get stuck with outdated software or have their dealer "flash" their computer taking with it a hefty (often $400-700) investment. Poof. Gone.

Most other ECU upgrades reuse the stock computer and a 'new' map is programmed in place of the one supplied from the factory. This, however, is a piggy back system which leaves the stock computer in place untouched for your 'special' trips to the dealer for warranty work. This cannot be erased. Should you purchase this ECU with a particular map on it and later add more mods, you can simply upgrade the map to one that is developed to match your needs. There is a charge of $38.95 for reprogramming.

To make this module even more valuable, Unichip now offers a bluetooth comunication system that allows the driver to get tons of feedback from their engine, swap between maps, do virtual dyno runs, 1-60 times, lap times, etc. See complete info at bottom of page.

This is a fairly easy mod to do and in most cases takes no more than 30-45 minutes to install using very basic hand tools and a bit of common sense, although working with a trained technician is preferred.

Should you need to make a visit to the MINI dealer, the UNIchip simply unplugs and the ECU goes back to the way it was before, leaving no trace of your mods.

This is NOT an upgrade that requires you to send in the ECU for reprogramming. This system has a piece of hardware that you own, control, remove, and install as you like and sell it if you sell your car. This is a major benefit over the competitive ECU mods.

The available maps for the Gen 1 MINI Cooper S are as follows:
Ramp 1: Stock Cooper S, no performance mods.

Ramp 2: Cooper S, with Cold Air Intake like Alta, Helix, etc. Other intakes should produce decent numbers, but the colder the air in, the more power gains.

Ramp 3: Cooper S, with aftermarket Cat Back Exhaust.

Ramp 4: Cooper S, with Cold Air Intake, and aftermarket Cat Back Exhaust.

Ramp 5: Cooper S, with Cold Air Intake, like Alta, PILO, etc. and aftermarket Cat Back Exhaust and 15% supercharger pulley.

Ramp 6: Cooper S, with Cold Air Intake, aftermarket Cat Back Exhaust and 15% Supercharger pulley, Throttle body, Head work, Cams.

Ramp 7: Cooper S, with Cold Air Intake, aftermarket Cat Back Exhaust, aftermarket Header and 15% Supercharger pulley.

Ramp 8: Cooper S, with Cold Air Intake, aftermarket Cat Back Exhaust, larger Intercooler, Header, Throttle body and 15% Supercharger pulley.

Ramp 10: Cooper S with JCW kit, Cold Air Intake

Ramp 11: Cooper S with , Cold Air Intake and aftermarket Cat Back Exhaust.

More info: Unlike most other engine management systems, the Unichip never interferes with the OE ECU’s programming. They do not alter the cold start sensor, knock sensors, water temperature sensors, air temperature sensors or oxygen sensors, temperature or pressure altitude correction tables, or anything else the manufacturer spent literally years developing. UNIchip leaves all of that data unaltered. UNIchip works in harmony with the factory ECU to enhance and unleash the best possible performance result without compromising engine drivability under any driving or environmental conditions.

Fits these MINI models: 02-06 Cooper S Hatchback 04-08 Cooper S Convertible

OPTIONAL!!! FLUX Upgrade Features
The new Flux Power Display from Unichip is the ultimate solution to knowing true engine performance. When installed with a Unichip Performance Computer Module, the Flux Power Display Pocket PC software displays live engine data like no other product on the market. The Flux software runs on Bluetooth-equipped Pocket PCs to wirelessly connect to the Unichip, an exclusive Flux Power Display Feature. Once connected, it displays real-time power data, monitors your engine for trouble codes, measures acceleration times, and can protect your vehicle from theft with a user-selectable password. Hard core drivers can take advantage of additional advanced engine features, lap timers, virtual dynamometer and tire size correction- all from inside your car and without wires or clutter.

+Display, measure, record and play real-time engine performance data
+Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity
+5 user-selectable performance calibrations
+Scan, read & clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes
+Valet mode RPM Limiter
+Password protected vehicle immobilizer
+Virtual Dynamometer
+Measure acceleration times
+Drag strip with elapsed time, trap speed
+Lap Timer
+Tire Size Correction
+User-selectable shift lights

The Flux Power Display package comes with an installation CD, Unichip Bluetooth module for version Q Unichip Performance Computer Module, and an instruction booklet. System Requirements: Windows XP or Vista with online connection for software installation to a Windows Bluetooth PDA running Windows Pocket PC 2003 r1 or Windows Mobile 5.0. Unichip Performance Computer Module v.Q required for Flux Power Display compatibility.

The UNIchip ECU Upgrade + optional Flux is one of the many MINI Cooper Parts and Accessories that we carry and will fit the following MINI Cooper Models and Years:

Gen1 MINI:

R52-S MINI Cooper S Convertible: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

R53-S MINI Cooper S Hatchback: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

R-Fifty WHAT?? Confused about what model MINI you have? We’re here to help. Check this out for more information.


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