Farewell and good luck to Moss MINI

Farewell and good luck to Moss MINI
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Synopsis: We hope the best for MossMINI.com as they move on to other ventures.
Over the years Moss MINI has satisfied the craving for thousands of passionate MINI owners and was among the first on the market (along with OutMotoring) back in 2002 when the MINI was launched in the USA. They built their business on solid ethics and have maintained a reputation as one of the best MINI Performance and Accessory websites in the USA. In fact, we have used Moss MINI as a supplier for a few unique pats and have a good relationship with some of their key sales staff. The mother company to Mossmini.com is Moss Motors which has a heavy focus on early british autos and as such they assumed the new MINI would be a natural progression and it did have a good initial start and healthy product offering until just a year or so ago.  I think it just got too complex too fast once MINI released the R58, R59, R60 and R61. If you're not paying ultra close attention and investing heavily in understanding the new breed of MINI's it's easy to get lost.They have decided to keep successful ventures such as mossmiata.com but have shut down the specialty sites for the Ford Mustange, PT Cruiser and other sites. And of course, are in the process of shutting down the Mossmini.com site as this is written.

Given their strong capabilities in importing classic british auto parts and very well developed brands to support the numerous other makes I can see how it would make sense to let the new MINI shop go away.

We wish them well as they focus their business efforts.

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