MINI Do More Trailer Hitches for MINI

MINI Do More Trailer Hitches for MINI
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Synopsis: Hauling stuff with your MINI? We've got your hitch ready!
There may come a time when you need to haul something and all of your friends with trucks are ignoring your calls. Never fear, just put a hidden hitch on your MINI and amaze and amuse your friends as you haul just about anything behind your MINI. Elephants, concrete bunkers and airplane engines are likely too heavy for the 1400lb limit (or 2,000 lb on the Paceman and Countryman) but you can get a decent load of stuff from the hardware store or load your riding lawnmower to take to the repair place. Many of our customers haul their motorcycles, jetskis, small sailboats and even single seater planes behind their MINI so we know the limits have not been found yet.

Just being able to attach a bike rack to your MINI for easy access is a good enough reason to install a hidden hitch (mounts behind the bumper and is accessed through openings in the lower grill or rear fog light openings depending on the model). Let your MINI do more than you ever imagined by adding a hitch!

MINI Do More hitches have a reputation for being the best on the market and are in fact the original from which nearly every other hitch manufacturer has copied (literally- copied). Be sure to buy the original- from MINIdoMore (owned as of June 2012 by OutMotoring) the authentic MINI owned and operated company.

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