15% Supercharger Pulley Kit (5pc)
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15% Supercharger Pulley Kit (5pc) 15% Supercharger Pulley Kit (5pc) 15% Supercharger Pulley Kit (5pc)


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15% Supercharger Pulley Kit (5pc)

SKU:  CRV15-6988-K060539-TOOLS+
WEIGHT:  6.00 lbs
brand: Cravenspeed
Our price: $289.95
list price: $314.90
you save: 8%

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If you're driving a supercharged MINI and it has not had the smaller supercharger pulley swap installed grab your wallet, add this to the cart and checkout. You simply must have this kit installed on your MINI and we've got all of the parts needed to make it a easy. Just add labor!  This smaller supercharger pulley will add close to 18HP to make your MINI go faster and perform like never before. This is one of those upgrades that every supercharged MINI will benefit from.

Kit includes:
- 15% Cravenspeed pulley
- Belt
- NGK Irridium IX "1 step colder" spark plugs
- Special Pulley tool by Cravenspeed to remove the old pulley
- Special Belt Tensioner Tool to release tension on the tensioner and install the new belt.

The 15% Reduction Supercharger Pulley Kit is one of the many MINI Cooper Parts and Accessories that we carry and will fit the following MINI Cooper Models and Years:

Gen1 MINI:

R53 MINI Cooper S Hatchback: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

R52 MINI Cooper S Convertible: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

R-Fifty WHAT?? Confused about what model MINI you have? We’re here to help. Check this out for more information.


There are no product reviews for this product yet.

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Customers' comments

For my first purchase with Outmotoring I bought a set of Gen 2 Clear Side Marker Lights and the product, the company, and their customer service is excellent! I will definitely use Outmotoring again for all my future MINI product needs!
Kevin O

In this "internet age" we find ourselves searching for the best price we can find. All the while not thinking about the "value" of customer service. Is an extra dollar or two in your pocket worth bad service? The answer is no!

While Out Motoring offers competitive pricing, the one thing no other on-line vendor can provide is the amazing and excellent customer service provided by the Out Motoring Team.

Their responsiveness, professionalism, knowledge and ability to accommodate a customers needs are world class and second to none!

Good service DOES have "value" and it's worth paying for! So my advice is before you waste time trying to find a better price elsewhere think about what it might cost you in the long run should you encounter a problem.

It's better to do business with a company like Out Motoring which is professional, customer focused AND offers competitive pricing.

Out Motoring has set the benchmark for all other on-line retailers who have forgotten the meaning of customer service.

Advantages: Convenience, easy to navigate parts finder, superior customer service.

Disadvantages: I wish there was a bigger variety of OEM accessories (but not a deterrent for doing business).
David De Wald

I just wanted to thank you for the FANTASTIC experience!!! I ordered over $900 and everything arrived timely as promised!! Everything was in PERFECT condition!!! sd

I hope you use my comments on your website because it was a GREAT experience.

Thank you


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