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Gen4: Aceman v Countryman = What's the difference?

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Posted: 05-02-2024 03:05 PM
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Synopsis: Great comparison of the new MIN Crossovers!

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MINI now has two distinctly different crossovers in its line-up, both offering in full electric form. But just how different are they in size, range and performance? We wanted to find out. So we went deep into the data on both cars to see exactly how they compared to themselves and earlier MINIs and found a few surprises.

The Aceman is a small crossover that is effectively replacing the Clubman in the MINI line-up. But in reality it doesn’t replacement the Clubman at all as it’s both smaller and designed as a crossover rather than a wagon. In terms of size it’s actually much closer to the original R60 Countryman or the 2024 F55 Cooper S 5 door.

But we want to focus on how it compares to the new electric Countryman SE. As you can see the new Countryman is a full 13″ longer and 4″ taller. It’s also 800 lbs heavier thanks to its larger battery and body. So it’s a materially larger vehicle than on the outside. But on the inside things get interesting.


Surprisingly the Countryman’s wheelbase is only 6″ longer than the Aceman despite being 13″ longer in total. That means, while the Aceman is smaller, its wheelbase the rest of the article here at


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