K&N Typhoon Intake: Gen1 "S"
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K&N Typhoon Intake: Gen1 "S"

SKU:  69-2021TP
WEIGHT:  9.00 lbs
brand: K&N
Our price: $419.95
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Form one of the worlds most respected aftermarket air filter manufacturers comes the Typhoon air intake system for the Gen 1 MINI Cooper S. Great craftsmanship, clean design, and of course the high quality KN conical filter make this a great upgrade from the restrictive stock air box. Features a custom polished aluminum outfeed tube to the throttle body and a replacement infeed tube from the grill vent as well as vertical panel to help seal off the air around the filter (shown to the left of the filter). Overall this is one of the better performing intakes on the market and is engineered well. It also has the trademark red KN filter element which is backed by one of the best warranties in the industry and is endlessly cleanable so you can keep it performing at its best. I had one of these on my personal car for about 1 year and was very pleased with it overall. It sounded good, improved overall responsiveness and of course made the supercharger whine a fair amount because of the increase in air flow. This intake typically performs at the top of the list with the Alta and Helix intakes. Out of all the intakes on the market it looks like it does the most, for what its worth. Must be the extra inlet tube....

This KN Intake is one of the many MINI Cooper Parts and Accessories that we carry and will fit the following MINI Cooper Models and Years:

Gen1 MINI:

R53 MINI Cooper S Hatchback: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

R52 MINI Cooper S Convertible: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

* Does NOT fit the Automatic transmission cars...because the outfeed hose to the throttle body on the automatics is different...


There are no product reviews for this product yet.

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Customers' comments

I needed some clips for front fender trim. I ordered the wrong clips, but the folks here saw my note that I was fixing fender trim and sent me the parts I actually needed as well as the ones I ordered, at no extra cost. Fantastic service.
Tom B.

I dropped by OutMotoring with my wife today to check it out after giving her a 2015 Mini Paceman last week. Aaron and Meghan took a lot of interest in us as new customers. We were invited to come back to the warehouse and invited to view all the available Mini parts and items. We selected some accessories and were very pleased with the selection and quality of the items we purchased. If you get a chance to drop by, you'll find friendly, knowledgeable and helpful folks there! I plan to return in the future for Mini parts and accessories.
Dale Stewart

The customer service is amazing! They literally replied same day and looked after everything. You've gained a loyal customer. I will definitely purchase more of my products through them!

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