Top Names Given to the Mini Cooper

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Posted: 09-08-2017 12:00 AM
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Check out all of the top names owners give to their MINI Coopers.

People love to decorate their MINIs, but the personalization tends to go far beyond that a lot of the time. In fact, it’s quite popular for many to give a name to their MINI, depending on what they feel is appropriate at that time. That being said, one must wonder what are the most popular names that people give to their MINI Coopers?

Displaying 8449917969_cdc193509c_k.jpgAccording to a study performed by, it actually seems that around 51% of the world’s MINI population is male, 35% are female, and 14% don’t have any gender based on their name. This statistic is very interesting, and it goes to show the length that people take to customize your car. Giving your car a name, and even a gender along with it, goes well beyond what a lot of people do for their vehicles, so it’s easily seen to be quite interesting to see the overall results that you can get from this.

That being said, it seems that one of the most popular male names for a MINI is Marvin and Tommy. It’s easy to see why this would happen, and it’s mostly because both names are offering a Cooper reference. Still, it is downright surprising to have these names as some of the most popular out there.

It seems that Jack is also a popular MINI name, although some other names like Bob, Stuart, and Dave are popular as well. The last few are names made famous by the Minions movie, so it’s rather funny to see such names included in the list. 

When it comes to the female MINI, the tone is a bit alliterative. You tend to hear of names such as Millie, Mollie, and Minnie, being the most popular ones amongst them all. Again, many of these are popular characters from animations and well-known movies.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that all popular names are normal ones. It seems that quite a lot of people like to name their MINI Coopers Pingu, which is an odd name, to be honest. Other popular names are Mojo, Jojo, and Tetley. 
These names are fun and all, but they do show one important thing; Mini Cooper owners are part of an international community, and ultimately, love their car much more than the average car owner tends to.

Whether you want to name your MINI Cooper or not, that’s up to you… but let’s face it, owning a MINI is more than just horsepower and performance. This is an incredible vehicle, and one of the best that will allow you to develop a very powerful connection with it. Yes, it’s a wonderful thing to name your car, and you should go ahead and do that right now if you really want to build that strong, personal connection with your MINI. It’s safe to say that naming a car is fun, and the MINI Cooper is one of the best vehicles out there in this regard!


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