Basic Body Control Module USED
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Basic Body Control Module USED Basic Body Control Module USED Basic Body Control Module USED Basic Body Control Module USED Basic Body Control Module USED


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Basic Body Control Module USED

SKU:  USED 61356982114@
mfg#:  61-35-6-982-114
alt#:  61 35 6 982 114
WEIGHT:  1.00 lbs
brand: MINI Genuine
Our price: $179.95
list price: $655.32
you save: 73%
Quantity Out of stock

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This part is USED and like a new one will need to be coded for your MINI when installed by a MINI tech or shop with the ability to do so. Images shown represent what a new one looks like and are for reference only.

This part has multiple revisions including:
61356976988     (05/09/2005 — 11/23/2006) , Exchangeable retrospectively
61356968826     (03/14/2005 — 05/18/2005) , Exchangeable retrospectively
61356961363     (01/01/2005 — 07/08/2005) , Exchangeable retrospectively
61356955414     (01/01/2005 — 10/05/2004) , Exchangeable retrospectively
61356934293     (07/01/2004 — 01/19/2005) , Exchangeable retrospectively
61356949289     (03/01/2004 — 10/20/2004) , Exchangeable retrospectively
61356943157     (09/01/2003 — 04/16/2004) , Exchangeable retrospectively
61356943125     (09/01/2003 — 08/04/2003) , Exchangeable retrospectively
61356942435     (09/01/2003 — 08/04/2003) , Exchangeable retrospectively
61356934294     (09/01/2003 — 07/11/2003) , Exchangeable retrospectively
61356939067     (09/01/2003 — 05/16/2003) , Exchangeable retrospectively
61356927873     (09/01/2003 — 05/06/2003) , Exchangeable retrospectively
61356935645     (04/14/2003 — 01/21/2004) , Exchangeable retrospectively
61356925250     (02/01/2001 — 08/04/2003) , Exchangeable retrospectively
61356922802     (05/01/2002 — 03/27/2002) , Exchangeable retrospectively
61356922801     (01/16/2002 — 05/28/2002) , Exchangeable retrospectively
61356922800     (12/19/2001 — 02/22/2002) , Exchangeable retrospectively
61350141339     (11/08/2001 — 12/19/2001) , Exchangeable retrospectively
61356918557     (09/06/2001 — 12/14/2001) , Exchangeable retrospectively
61356917793     (04/02/2001 — 09/03/2001) , Exchangeable retrospectively
61356915493     (04/01/2001 — 03/28/2001) , Exchangeable retrospectively
61356914682     (04/01/2001 — 03/05/2001) , Exchangeable retrospectively
61351504386     (04/01/2001 — 11/23/2000) , Exchangeable retrospectively

The Basic Body Control Module is one of the many MINI Cooper Parts and Accessories that we carry and will fit the following MINI Cooper Models and Years:

Gen1 MINI:

R50 MINI Cooper Hatchback: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

R53 MINI Cooper S Hatchback: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

R-Fifty WHAT?? Confused about what model MINI you have? We’re here to help. Check this out for more information.

If you're shopping around and notice this part for less, please note this is a Genuine MINI part NOT a aftermarket manufacturer part. Genuine MINI parts are often manufactured to higher standards with materials approved by MINI.


There are no product reviews for this product yet.

If you have purchased this item and would like to leave a product review please sign in to add your review.

Customers' comments

Purchased many things from you and have had nothing but great service. My only complaint is the mini countryman carbon fiber covers I received. They provided a glue with it that youre supposed to apply to the back, I did and now my carbon fiber covers are ruined as is the finish on my hood, I dont know what type of glue this is but it doesnt seem to make the covers stick only leak everywhere, so thats 150 out of my pocket to have this stuff buffed off my car.
Tim Condron

I would like to give the folks at a huge shout out. Once again they are saving my ass.

Crank pulley shit the bed on my 06 jcw last night. Called all my local parts dealers and they don't even carry the crank pulley. Called my local dealers and its 5 days away in Ontario, Canada. As I am in Alberta. I need this ASAP as this is May daily driver.

Gave them a phone call. Talked with a wonderful lady. She checked that the Alta pulley I wanted was in stock.
Now there shipping options for me where limited to the fastest being 6-10 days on their website. She got ahold of ups and had a next day shipping option available at a reasonable price. + I had $53 worth of points I could use for a discount. Put the order through within ten minutes of my original call. Shipping next day from their location to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada all for under $200.

This has the be the best customer service I have ever had from a mainly web based business. bar none! I HIGHLY recommend them to everyone.

Thank you once again!
Brendan Sundsten

I cannot say enough good things about Outmotoring. Quick, on-time shipping. Excellent products for a decent price. But, what really makes them stand out is the excellent customer service. They've been quick to help me find the right part when I couldn't find it on their site. Their knowledge of MINI's and the best parts to use is fantastic. I don't want to go anywhere else for my MINI - whether buying replacement parts (e.g. tie rods) or upgrading the trim elements. After three orders, I'm sold on them!

Scott Specker

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