Have you seen these new MINI accessories?

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Posted: 09-28-2022 01:10 PM
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If you've recently acquired a R53 or R52 "S" Supercharged MINI and are looking to get more HP the quickest and cheapest way to get there is by replacing the stock supercharger pulley with a smaller 15% or 17% reduction pulley. Along with that we recommend upgrading the spark plugs and if you don't have the proper tools we also have kits that include the tools! And in most cases you're gonna need a new belt so we have kits with belts too. It's sort of a 'give a mouse a cookie' thing but we know you'll love the extra power you gain from doing the pulley mod!  Check out all of the kits here.
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WOW! We've seen a lot of MINI owners that have purchased the 2022+ facelift models and are looking for upgrades and we have a great selection of parts that focus on those changes including Dash Panel Covers, JCW front and rear bumper kits and this set of left and right Side Marker Covers in REAL Carbon Fiber. Check it out here.
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We're always looking for new stuff that we know our customers will like and these "Angry Eyelids" for all R55 through R59 models are stunning. Hand made in Italy and ready to paint to match your MINI or have them painted black to accent, these are sure to be popular. With MINIs getting way too many "cute car" comments these are sure to offset that look and shift it into the 'slightly aggressive and mean' look.  Check them out here.
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