"Hi guys - received my order today! It was a pleasure doing business with you this time around and I hope I'll find an opportunity to do business with you again in the future. Customer service like yours is not very common these days and in particular for a sideline business like you have.
Thanks again!"



Hey recieved my order today,right on time to,great service and would
reccomend to all Mini Drivers who want top class parts. I actually work where the Mini is built so i know quality when i see it,
keep up the great work.



Thank you so much for your quick response. Go ahead and use the 3 day select if that is the most convenient for you. Either one is fine. I really appreciate your help.

Out Motoring is such a fine place to do business with. I hope you have
a good holiday.

Thanks again !!



Heya Aaron

The JCW nuts have arrived safe & sound... & a major thanks for sorting out some economical shipping & a great final price :)

I'll be sure to put the decal & keyring to good use also





I received my order on Wednesday. Thank you for including the PIAA
lamp grill! You know, its the "little" things that people do in their
business dealings that sometimes can mean more to a customer than the
"big" things. I appreciate your being there for all of us "miniacs"
out here...

Wayne George


Hi guys
Just wanted to let you know my gauges arrived today. I am very impressed with your service and speed of delivery. I am president of clubMINI in Western Australia and will certainly be telling everyone in the club how great your service is to Australia.




I just wanted to pass along my thanks and my satisfaction with both the
Milltek Exhaust and Alta sway bar that I recently purchased. Both are
performing extremely well, and again I appreciate all your time and advice. I will certainly be back with additional business in the very near future.

Keep up the good work.

Shane T



You guys ROCK, and that's why I use you instead of Moss or the rest of
them. I am looking for a stainless brake line set for an early '03 S, you
showed them out of stock. Let me know on that one.

Plus, Go Buckeyes..



Hi, I've been a fan of Outmotoring since my first purchase in December
of 03 for my 03 MCS. I've since moved on to an 06 but will always stay
loyal to Outmotoring. Cool products at good prices.

I thought I would shoot you some feedback as I came across this page
while looking through for more stuff for my MINI addiction. Thanks for
the great service and all that you do to help the MINI community.
Whether it be setting up at MOTD or sponsoring Whiteroofradio. You all





Thanks for your reply - as you stated, USPS still has not updated the
package status, but all is well - it arrived several days ago in perfect condition. I appreciate your response - sorry it took me a few days to write back, but I'm sure this won't be my last order with you. I haven't installed the armrest yet - hopefully I can figure out how to get the old parking brake shell off... Thanks.

By the way, do you have any advice about putting roof racks on a Cooper S? Would use for surfboard and/or bike.




Thank you Aaron. You are a man of your word and I appreciate it very much. You will continue to get my orders


David A


I received the wiring harness that worked with the older directions. I
installed it today and it works great. Thanks for helping me with this
issue. I'm glad it was able to be resolved. I will put the old wiring
harness in the mail this week. I look forward to future puchases from
your store. You have great upgrades for us MINI owners.



I just wanted to say that I had received my Stubby Antenna for my MINI
fast and with extras (decals). Thank you so much for fast and great


Hi Aaron and crew!!!!!

Just wanted to say thanks......I ordered a new cupholder for my MCS on
9-14-06...at my door today, 5 days later!!!

You guys rock!

Thanks again!



Hey Guys,

Just received my order and those mirror caps are absolutely perfect.
That was a fast delivery and I will certainly order from you again.

Eric, Montreal

Thanks Aaron. As expected, it was a top notch experience purchasing
from Outmotoring. I appreciate it!

Ming SF Cal


Hi Aaron,
I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you on your excellent service , I received my gauge panel today within 8 days ,it would have taken us this long to send it down the road.
Thanks again

Hi Arron!

Kim & Jason Haddix will be attending our road rally and have

just informed us that your have donated stickers, keychains, a shirt, a hat and seatbelt covers for the teams competing in the rally. In behalf of Cincinnati Mini we would like to say "Thank You" for the donation. We are sure that the participants will really enjoy these items.


Satolli & Beverly
Scenic Road Rallies LLC


Thanks for sending the MINI cubby so quickly. It fits perfectly and my
wife is finally happy with the storage area under the instrument



Thanks so much,
Your service is great and the parts are perfect



Hi there,

I just placed my first order with you and wanted you to know that it's
because I listen to Don and White Rood Radio all the time and hear your
ads; I think it's great you support them and will give you any business
I can.



Aaron, I just wanted to thank you for your phone call, and I finally got a
set of calipers on the wheel hub diameter, and it IS indeed 56.1, and I am
all set!

I mounted the wheels today, and I should have some good pictures tomorrow.

Thanks again for the great customer service!



My car is a 2006 Mini Cooper. No special Aero kit addons, base model.

I pulled the right side back off, I retained the screw with which I
attached it on the bottom. It is unused other than to have pulled off the red
adhesive protection when I tried to install it. I understand now it is
not in 'as new' condition. When I showed the fit to the Flow Mini service writer this morning (along with the new US-spec instructions that you emailed me) he said "I can see why you're not happy, it doesn't look to fit snugly enough". I had them replace the right rear moulding that I had cut into and re-attach the light marker to the new original moulding piece.

I understand that you've not had anyone else have problems with these mud
flaps. This experience has caused me to decide to no longer attempt to DIY
any Mini parts, even if they are official. I would appreciate a partial refund but I understand if that is out of the question.

The service writer at Flow agreed with me that a better solution would have
been a replacement moulding with a mud flap cast into it, that would replace the factory one, instead of the bogus add-on design.

I'm happy to have my car back in original condition, but extremely
dissatisfied with this experience. I do not blame you folks, you're just
resellers for OEM parts, but if you want me to send these back let me know.
Otherwise they go in the trash.

Thank you


Hello Andrea,

I just wanted to let you know that I received the elusive screw today
for my cup holder. Everything's installed and looking good-thanks
again. This is my third order from Out Motoring and I'll be sure to
come back again for any other MINI essentials. Thank you!

Justin Etu

I got the wheels today and I can't wait until Thursday when I
get them put on. I appreciate your quick responses and friendly customer
service. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!

"I was a participant at the recent MINIs on Top event in New Hampshire, and just wanted to extend my sincere appreciation for your participation as a sponsor. MOT 2006 was a resounding success, and that success was due in no small part to the many outstanding sponsors. Keep up the good work."

Scott (MINItron)

"Folks, I wanted you to know that the installation of the parcel shelf on my MCS convertible went fine. The Out Motoring armrest was a bit trickier (you really have to pull hard to get the counsel off). Also, once installed, the armrest was a bit low for me so I purchased four nylon spacers ¾ inch thick and four long thumbscrews and moved it up a bit. Now it is great. A wonderfully designed product."

Thanks, Allen


"Hello Again, I am getting a little restless waiting for my order as it has been confirmed since Sunday, April 16th. I know that I have been told first on Wednesday, April 19th that the exhaust system was on back order from borla and that it would take approximately 4-6 days for borla to drop ship the item to one of your distrubutors. I was told the same
thing again on thursday, April 28th. It has been quite a while and I have yet to recieve any information as to wether or not my item is still on order or if it has shipped or anything. I would appreciate it if I could find out what is going on with my item."



"This purchase just hit my credit card so I'm assuming you are finally ready to ship. As it stands, I will never order something from you guys again."



"AWESOME! Thanks alot. I appreciate it and definitely can't wait to put it on. I'm sure it won't be long before I order something else from you guys to have a little more fun with the mini. Thanks Again!"



"Hi Aaron, Everything is correct with the order. I just wanted to let you know I'm
a regular White Roof Radio listener and MotoringFile reader, so I'm very happy that you sponsor/advertise with these great guys and are able to sell the grille badge holders to people like me outside the US."

Cheers, Stuart

"Hello Out motoring, My compliments to you all. Thanks for your excellent service. Have a great day."



"Aaron, I just wanted to thank you for your phone call, and I finally got a set of calipers on the wheel hub diameter, and it IS indeed 56.1, and I am all set! I mounted the wheels today, and I should have some good pictures tomorrow. Thanks again for the great customer service!"

Ciao, ChrisB

"My car is a 2006 Mini Cooper. No special Aero kit addons, base model. I pulled the right side back off, I retained the screw with which I attached it on the bottom. It is unused other than to have pulled off the red adhesive protection when I tried to install it. I understand now it is not in 'as new' condition. When I showed the fit to the Flow Mini service writer this morning (along with the new US-spec instructions that you emailed me) he said "I can see why you're not happy, it doesn't look to fit snugly enough". I had them replace the right rear moulding that I had cut into and re-attach the light marker to the new original moulding piece."

"I understand that you've not had anyone else have problems with these mud flaps. This experience has caused me to decide to no longer attempt to DIY any Mini parts, even if they are official. I would appreciate a partial refund but I understand if that is out of the

The service writer at Flow agreed with me that a better solution would have been a replacement moulding with a mud flap cast into it, that would replace the factory one, instead of the bogus add-on design.

I'm happy to have my car back in original condition, but extremely dissatisfied with this experience. I do not blame you folks, you're just resellers for OEM parts, but if you want me to send these back let me know. Otherwise they go in the trash."

Thank you


"Hello Andrea, I just wanted to let you know that I received the elusive screw today for my cup holder. Everything's installed and looking good-thanks again. This is my third order from Out Motoring and I'll be sure to come back again for any other MINI essentials. Thank you!"



"Aaron, I got the wheels today and I can't wait until Thursday when I get them put on. I appreciate your quick responses and friendly customer service. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!"


"I ordered these things last Thursday and was honestly expect them yesterday or today. If you honestly shipped only today without letting me know you were out of one product or another I am pretty disappointed. I have this weekend to do installs and would have driven to TMS and purchased. Or is this only one of the items?"



Hello, I entered my order on line, must have entered the CC # because you came back with a "card declined". Now I can't get back into the order. Do you not what my business, trying to piss me off or does your system have
an error?



"I just made my first purchase from Outmotoring.com (a set of MCS Aero
kit side skirts and an oil filter - around $530) and I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for a few things.

1. Thanks for a well designed website. It's refreshing to find a MINI vendor that presents a stylish website (moderately easy to do) while maintaining ease of use (apparently very difficult to do, as evidenced by most other MINI accessory vendors).

2. Thanks for keeping a (civil & friendly, unlike some cough-M7-cough vendors) presence on NAM. I posted a message in your "What do you want us to bring to the Dragon?" thread, requesting a rear swaybar and install. Since you guys couldn't do the install bit for me, you kindly referred me to Way Motorworks who will be there with tools in-hand on Thursday, so I can hit the Dragon even harder...

3. Most importantly: Thanks for sponsoring White Roof Radio. I love listening to those guys and the only reason I purchased from you instead of going to my dealer for the parts was to support the people (you) that make their show possible.

I made a resolution this year that I would try to say thank-you more
often and try to frequent shops, service providers and vendors who do
business well... It's my one man crusade against bad service and the
WalMart-ization of the world. My thanks to you, OutMotoring, for
helping me keep my resolution and for making an email full of praise so
easy to write."



"Thank you very, very much! Your willingness to help me with this situation will make a repeat customer out of me and I will DEFINITELY recommend your website to the members of my MINI club."


"Let me get this straight; you want to charge me $11 + ground shipping for a $7.95 t-shirt? Nice try. You just lost a customer forever."

-Gary (continued....)

another email a few minutes later:

" AC, Thank you for your (very) quick reply. I was not ordering just a t-shirt; I was also ordering the MINI console pouch ($19.95, sorry, no part# to reference) which lists free shipping with any other purchase. Just a thought,
but you might want to have a look at your shipping cost program, which listed for this order: $11.76 UPS ground, $50+ UPS 2nd day and $80+ UPS next-day. This for 2 items which combined probably don't weigh 20 oz. Maybe I am out of the loop as far as shipping costs go, but this seems
unreasonable to me. Thank you for your kind (if somewhat sarcastic) offer. The free shirt won't be necessary. I will be more than happy to pay for what I order, including reasonable shipping charges. I would imagine that both of these items would fit nicely in a $5.00 (give or take) Priority mailer."


a few days later after the order shipped and shipping calculation was corrected:

"I noticed on my bank statement that you have refunded the cost of the t-shirt that I ordered. I thank you for your attention to your customers and I proudly wear the OutMotoring stickers on my MINI. In future I will always speak highly of OutMotoring.



"Hey Guys,
Got the exhaust today. I installed the pulley, exhaust and the sway bar today. Man my car sounds mean and it really gets after it. Even better than my '03 Cooper S did. I will wait until the end of next week to see if the intake shows up before contacting you again. I know with Christmas coming this weekend and it being a new item it make take a little longer. Can't wait to get it though.

Thanks again so much for following up and taking care of things promptly
for me. Any additional toys I decide to get for my car will definately
be ordered from Out Motoring!!"


Just had to write to tell you how surprised I was to get my order in less
than 4 days from ordering! Thank you soooo much for the lightning fast
shipping! I will recommend you to my MINI friends.




I received your message on my cell phone. (Something happened with my
service so I didn't received the message until this week.) I greatly appreciate and would like to accept your offer of a $15 credit. My
husband doesn't want to wait for a new one because he is very anxious
to get it on his car and has already sent it out to the body shop.
Again, thank you for your great customer service. I do appreciate
that. Let me know if you need any info from me."


"All items have arrived and in good condition. I must say those Pro Race 2s certainly look great sitting under the christmas tree and they'll look even better on the car. I have no idea why they aren't more popular, being that they are lighter than the 1s. All the better for me I guess. Interestingly, the
boxes they were packaged in are labeled "7.0x16 e45 4x100-73". The wheels however appear to be stamped "7x17" and just to be sure I measured, outside rim-to-rim is 18.5", and tire bead circumference is about 53.75", which works out to 17.1" diameter plus or minus.

So it was a good buying experience for me and I wouldn't hesitate to do so again or to recommend Out Motoring."

Best regards,



"Aaron, it is installed and totally makes the engine bay. It went right on
after I figured out how to lengthen the bar. Don't know what the torque
is, so I really got them tight. Thanks for all the help and advice. Hope
she is doing well. You will be hearing from me, maybe wires etc."



"You are too good to be true. Thanks"



Hello OutMotoring.com Folks, I love just about everything that I ordered for my brand new 2005 Chili Red S! I'm so glad to have found you online!

The only thing I am not 100% happy with is the light protection system. I didn't realize that they were not pre-cut specifically for the car and that I would have to cut them myself. Yikes. I'm pretty sure I am going to stink at cutting these. May I return them for a refund? I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you! Sincerely,"

- Kendra


"Oh man that is all i wanted to hear!! Thanks again for the customer
service and quick replies and everything, cant wait to get that KN
intake from you once i get some money"


"Just received my order 5356 - and the inside of the box was pretty
much a soggy mess.
The Interior Cleaner had come open and had leaked more than half of the contents. Most of it was absorbed by the seat pulls and a little by the box. It wasn't really packed well. The bottles had been placed in the bottom of the box with the packing material over them. The packing material should have been wrapped around the bottles, and the bottles themselves sealed. The exterior trim cleaner is OK. Would you be so kind as to resend the interior cleaner? I've washed the straps and they're hanging out to dry."



"This is the second package that I've received damaged. Earlier, the
floor box had come open and the shift knob had been lost for a day
rattling around the UPS truck."


"The order has been placed, please let me know if there are any issues.Also, do these rims use the factory lug-bolts and if so do you know where i can get a set of those in black? Thanks for all your help and for going out of your way, outmotoring.com truly has amazing service!



Funny - I got home from work yesterday and there it was in my mail
box. Thanks for the quick response. I'll definitely be ordering from
you again in the future.
Take care."

- carlos-Mexico


"Hello. Yours is the cleanest and most pleasing website I have found for Mini
accessories. I have not seen them in your product line but I wonder
whether you might be able to supply Mini "Cabriolet" chrome badges and
Chrome Side moldings. If you can I would require shipping to Brisbane,
Many thanks"

Evan- Australia

Dear Aaron and Andrea, First, thank you for offering a top notch mini site! There are so many things that my wife an I can not wait to add to out new CR/B MSCa. I need to make an RMA request for two of the items in our order
(#4855). Our dealer threw in a set of floor mats & a boot mat, much
to our surprise. With that, we really don't need a second set, so I
would like to return these items for a refund ASAP.

thank you!"



"Hi Aaron, Just wanted to say thank you, I received the goods in perfect condition, and am very happy.

Thank you Hope to do more business with you in future."


"Good Morning Aaron, I received the second package today, it was supposed to arrive last Friday (from tracking the UPS website - but they missed the flight to Msia from Philippines). Anyway, thank you for all your help, I would definitely use UPS from now onwards as the package was delivered straight to me. I dont have to go the Customs to collect it. I will definitely be buying more items from you as you have been very helpful all the while. In the meantime, I would recommend my MIni friends to your site.

Thank you and have a good day. cheers."

-Ewan -malyasia


"Hello Again Out motoring, What's up?!! My newly "re-furbished" MINI looks KILLER!!! It is honestly the best one I have ever seen! Thank you so much!!! I am the person that ordered the Team Dynamics Tornados in Hi-Power silver, the Alta CAI, Magnaflow, short shifter, intercooler air diverter, etc. from you a couple months ago...I also had the factory aero kit installed,
tint job, springs, rear sway bar, Brembo rotors, EBC green stuff brake
pads, Super blue brake fluid, stainless lines, 17% pulley, skid plate,
and the Evotech stage IV ECU installed. Anyway, I have them all installed now, but there was one small problem the tuner had on the installation; the Ignition 8.5 mm plug wires didn't work on the car. They installed just fine, but the car wouldn't start with them on! Now, the new Screamin' Demon coil pack and new plugs are now on the car with the original plug wires and everything works fine. Do you think the wires in the pack were defective, or my car could just be weird and not like them? Anyways, I am not
disappointed at all with the car at all; it looks great and flat out
HAULS AS* like nothing ever before! I will send you some pictures of the car in a couple weeks, b/c right now the car is at the DIY TV studio, and is being filmed for their show "Tricked Out". They are installing a subwoofer system in it that can be easily taken in and out, to save weight on track days or just to have more room in the boot. The show will be aired this December, but the car will be done this next Friday. I will be sure to inform you of
the exact show date for you can see the car in video, but I'm sure I
will send you some pics before then. Once again, thank you very much. Not only do you have lower prices than Mini-Mania, but you also offer better customer service and help. I really appreciate it."


"Aaron my order arrived today and everything was in order. You got this
to me in Canada in six days, great job. The covers fit really well and I am really impressed with the quality of the items.

Thanks again for a job well done."


Ottawa, Ontario


"I ordered a sport link-tow link for $529.90. You shipped me only the sport-link. On the invoice the item is circled YES sport link- tow link and the
full amount billed. There is no annotation that the tow link is in seperate shipment, or back ordered. The box is marked "Box one of one" .

Is my tow link already shipped but in a separate box? If so what is the tracking number? Is my tow link back ordered? If so when will it ship (I am
moving in 4 weeks). You need to let your customers know the status of their shipment when you've charged their credit card before shipping the
item. You need to spend some bucks and get a phone line where people can call for answers 24-7 instead of hoping you'll get their email and respond
in a reasonable length of time."



"Thank you. It's a pleasure dealing with an honorable business (and you
will keep getting mine)."




"...regarding my previous orders, I would like to thank you for
providing such great service and products ‹ I have been quite satisfied so



"First of all, just wanted to thank you for a well-organized, intelligent site. Don't know if you hear that enough, but it's something of a rarity."



"Aaron: We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity and support for our upcoming car show. It is companies like yours that help to make our car clubs successful. We will be looking forward to receiving your package. We will provide car show pictures for you after
the event. Again, thank you for your support."

Puget Sound Mini Motoring Club


"Thank you for checking in again. We did receive one package and were
very happy with the product. Thanks. I still have not received a second
package. I was surprised that the one we did receive made it here at
all. It had a stamp on it but had not been postmarked by the post
office. Perhaps it was the first package and that is why it took so long
to make its way here. Anyway, if a second one does show up I will be
sure to send it back to you immediately and I will email you to let you
know it is on the way. Thank you again for making sure we were taken
care of."

- Joanna

"Aaron, Thanks for your e-mail, but I have decided that the best way to do it is pl ace my order and ask you to ship it to my office in Chicago, especially because I got a very good deal with a Mini dealer in the Chicago area for the Aero Side Skirts and it will be less expensive for me if everything is send to me in just one package.

Thanks for all your help and your timely and complete response, I am
very pleased with your services and I hope that we can do business again

-Luis Mexico


"Thanks, I got it today. I'm very happy with your service and quality of your products."

Best Regards

"Hi Aaron, Thanks for the prompt reply. I found the "how to" link on your page and it looks straightforward. I've ordered the kit and some other goodies. I look forward to dealing with your company in the future as well. Your site is well put together and clearly conveys your expertise and
serious commitment to the mini community."

Thanks Again,



"Ten days ago on June 10 I ordered a MINI Auxiliary Audio Input from you.
The order ID is 4183. I have had no notification from you that my order
was received and you have not responded to my additional requests for
information on the status of this order. This service is the poorest I
have experienced on the internet and certainly is not becoming to anyone
associated with MINI Cooper. It is extremely exasperating to try to
communicate with someone who could care less about customer service. I
hope you take note of this and provide me with the information I have
asked for or at least provide a reasonable explanation for your

Thank you

"I just placed an order on your site. Your site works nicely, and your product line is appealing. However, the fact that you had a "nominal handling fee" after the order is confirmed is very uncool. I've never seen that before, and I've bought a lot of stuff online. What would it hurt to display that message BEFORE the order is placed? I'm still looking forward to receiving the product, but that left a bad taste in my mouth!"



"Aaron, Just want to thank you for the prompt and professional service from
your company. I hope things are well and I'll be using outmotoring for
future upgrades to my Mini. Great job and thanks again..."



"Hi, I just recieived my Alta Aerial this morning in the post. Still have not seen the first one you sent :-(

Thanks for the re-send - all parts now received and 100% happy customer!"



"Hi My name is Jackson and I have recently ordered an exhaust
system from you --- it was the magnaflow system. I have written you
for two reasons: first to tell you thankyou for exceptional service
and prompt delivery. the exhaust system went on beautifully and sounds
incredible..... secondly I would like to mention that I didn't receive
any of your 4.25 or 8.5 stickers with my order....I noticed that you
state on your website that these are free with any order and I wiould
love to have your company's name on My car.....If it isnt a problem
could you please send me some of them ....I woul preferably like two of
each one for both the fron and back glass and then the two smaller ones
for either My JCW side skirts or rear side glass...... thankyou much..
Please send all return emails to both this address as well as

- Jackson


"You do know it's Memorial Day, don't you? You shouldn't be in the
office; you ought to be out watching somebody sending up a mushroom
cloud trying to start a barbecue with gasoline or playing volleyball or
riding bicycles or something! Not working. (insert the smiley face
thingumabob of your choice in here)

I didn't expect such a quick response. I figured that sometime Tuesday or Wednesday you'd send me an e-mail about it and I'd be happy to get results that quickly. So thanks for the quick response, and even more thanks for the candor. I really appreciate it. I was pretty certain the issue, such as it is, was with M7, not with you guys. M7 has such a mixed reputation on NAM it's, unfortunately, not a surprise that they're difficult to deal with. Seems like the folks that are in the area and deal directly with them tend to be happy with them and the folks like us that have to deal with them at a remove are a lot less happy. Not the best way to do business if you want a national customer base.

On the other hand there's you. Being responsive to a stranger on a national holiday, trusting that stranger with all of the information about his issue rather than a prepackaged "we're looking into it", taking the trouble to have one of, if not the, best web pages around, that's the way to do business building customer loyalty and a national (and international) customer base.

I'm an old retired coot now, but when I wasn't one of the things I did for a living was consult with companies on how to give superior customer service. I doubt there's anything I could tell you that you don't already know and have in practice.

As far as I'm concerned you're my primary source. If I need it and you
sell it you're the folks I'm going to buy it from.

Thanks a lot.

Now please, go home and play, will you? (smiley face goes here)"


"Hey Aaron, just wanted to share... car came late yesterday (yes, I'm already in love with it) and I attempted to install the parcel shelf this morning. Worked like a charm. Took all of 20 minutes (and 5 of that was running back in the house for a flashlight). Had a bit of trouble lining up the RH screw, but the install was shockingly easy and the shelf is FANTASTIC.

I cannot figure out why this is not standard equip or at least an option. I couldn't imagine not having it.

Thanks so much for all your help this week. Please let me know the estimated ETA of the alarm.

Have a great weekend!!!"


"hi. everything in the site its perfect including the price, but to order
things its a NIGHTMARE, The order never going thru and I didn't find any
num to call. How do you guys expect people to buy items. thanks."

- walde


Thank you Aaron!

It is so refreshing to find people/companies who care and deliver on their
promise with the added bonus of fair pricing and easy internet shopping with
a great site. I especially appreciate the explanations you have on the details of each product.

I've just placed my order and because of the above, I've gone a bit further
and ordered more parts from Out Motoring.

Thank you for your effort and the "one step further" Customer Service"

Miami FL


"Outstanding- thanks for the info, I appreciate the customer service AFTER the sale. Take care"


"Dear OutMotoring.com, The website MiniMania.com was the only Mini dedicated website I knew about until today. I began to look for an intake kit for the Mini Cooper S MC40 me and my father share, and when the K&N Typhoon system listed for $400 on MiniMania, I knew this was the last straw so I began to look for other sites. I am so happy I found your site because the layout is easy and understandable, the prices are great, and the product selection is even better. I have been wanting the OEM Mini Cooper S Aero rear bumper for our MC40 for quite some time but just couldn't find it, but you guys have it. I will from now on do any and all business that I can with Outmotoring.com, and will tell any of my Mini friends about your site. I would like it if you could email me back some info on the estimated power gains with this K&N system, since I want to get it for a Father's Day present not only for my dad, but a little more street power for me as well. Also if I could get your opinion on which exhaust you offer gives the best tone and overall performance gain. Me and my dad both like a somewhat deep exhaust note. Thanks so much for your time and hope to hear from you soon."

Raleigh, NC


Just wanted to email you and that you for all the help getting this warrenty
stuff settled. The new sysem came in the mail yesterday and I got it all installed, I ma now just waiteing on the prepaied shipping stamp from
Magnaflow. You were an exclent help getting everything done, in a timely
manner. I will defnatly be buying many from things from Out Motoring in the


"Hi, You have sent it to the correct address - I will let you know when I
see this one (&/or the first one). Thanks for your prompt response. I started to get nervous after a few weeks went by, so it is reassuring to know that everything good I have heard about you guys is true :-)"




"Aaron - I received and installed the chrome side markers today. Fast delivery, quality part, easy install. All just as you promised. They look super-cool. I am happy."

- Thanks Ron


"Hello again, I would like to thank you for your hassle free service that
you have given me. Usually going through something like this with a company
becomes confusing and gets no one anywhere. I look forward to doing
business with your company again."




"Thanks for the update on the Pilo bar. I'm also glad you're a MINI owner. It's nice to deal with people who actually own and appreciate MINIs. I have been
very happy with the response from Out Motoring to my several orders. I also appreciate that you actually look at what people are ordering and ask questions if you think they may have ordered the wrong thing. That's so much better than just throwing the parts in a box and slapping a shipping label on it. Since you own a MINI, you might be interested in my
website: www.CarNutGarage.com

I have put this together to help other MINI owners since I found I was answering a lot of the same questions over and over. I have a 2004 MCS which I have modified a bit. My wife has a stock 2002 MC CVT. We plan to replace the 2002 next year with a 2006 MCS Convertible automatic (a requirement for my wife). I'd like a Classic Mini as well, but haven't found one in decent condition at a reasonable price. I don't have a place to put it either.

Thanks again and I look forward to continuing to do business with Out Motoring."

-John aka "CarNut"

"Dear OutMotoring, I just recently purchased a couple of items from you and wanted to thank for the speedy deliver and great website (and products) you guys have. I also have an installation concern that you may or may not be aware of. I have a 2005 Mini Cooper S and after I installed your Alta air diverter for the supercharger, I noticed a small, small bump in my hood around where the scoop is. It turns out that when the hood is closed, the rubber molding of the Alta piece compresses the factory "foam" piece, which in turn pushes up the plastic molding of the air scoop that, because of a small ridge in the plastic, will place a small dent in the hood. After removing the air scoop plastic molding, I shaved off some plastic on the ridge and removed the "foam". It looks like that solved the problem, except for my dented hood that is. Anyway, I thought I should let you know so that this does not happen to anyone else."




" Someone named "Aaron" (I think) called my home this evening and about all I could get out of the message was that he was calling from Out Motoring (though I had to play the message several times to get that), and that he wanted to know something about my recent order for an ignition upgrade for my Mini. He mumbled. He spoke way too fast. From the sound, I would guess that he was wearing a headset that was not properly adjusted. He raced through a telephone number so fast that after six attempts to get it, I just gave up and am writing this e-mail. Needless to say, as a customer, I do not appreciate having someone call me and be all but incoherent. This reflects poorly on you. By the way, tell Aaron that if he was calling about the order that I received last Monday, that I received it and he doesn't need to call me again, or worry about that order any more."



"Hi, you sent me an email about 2 weeks ago letting me know the wrong mats were sent out. I got both sets, the right ones and the wrong ones.
No problems there. Thanks for the great service. I got the return label, immediately placed it on the package, and put it in our outgoing UPS stuff at work. I just noticed it still there. I'll make sure he takes it today...so sorry for the delay!"



"Aaron, I would just like to take a moment out of my busy life to say how pleased I am with Out Motoring and you personally. The first I ever ordered on line from you was a chrome trim kit for my Cooper S. At the time you did not have it in stock which you promptly replied letting know allowing me to find one before a show that I was going to. The second was the Alta pulley kit and removal tool you got me in time for a weekend install all the way from east to me on the west coast picking up the tab for the extra cost on the 3 day shipping. And the latest thing I bought from you was the Magnaflow exhaust that you promised would be here on a Friday for another weekend install. Well the exhaust didn't get here on that Friday but got here a day early and once again Out Motoring picking up the extra cost on the 3 day shipping making me happy with my decision to go with your company again. Bottom line is you and you company did exactly what I expect from a top shelf shop in customer satisfaction. I look forward to doing more with you in the future."

Thank you , Jerry


"Sounds great! Thanks for the reply and the great service...looking forward to getting all the parts"

- Jason


"Aaron, you're the best! I appreciate you doing that research for me...just makes me wanna buy more stuff from you guys! However, I've decided to put this $$$ into Porting, Polishing & an oversize valve job...Then if I have to stop I'll just "...coast"! :) But, we'll definitely be doing more business in the future! Thanx Again!"


" Hi Aaron, I was able to install the Alta rear sway bar and links on my 04 MCS, late last week. I have a friend who has an auto repair shop, who let me borrow a hoist and a few tools, which made the installation go much easier. I have had my mini for about a year and am familiar with several "twisties" in our area. I spent most of the weekend testing them and am amazed at the night and day difference it makes. There must be some kind of trade-off somewhere, but I've yet to find it. I know the engineers had to draw the line somewhere, but I wonder why this is not stock?

Thanks for your usual great service."



"Hy this is Herson, thank you for your time and leting me know everithing is allright i apresiate that alot iwas yust woried but im ok now thank you for everithing and OUT MOTORING is the best GOD bles you."



"Hi Andrea and Aaron! Wow! I just got your package, and I ordered it yesturday!!!! Talk about FAST! Here is my issue.... Inside the box was:
1) the T-shirt I ordered (neat!),
2) 2 of your stickers (thanks!),
3) and a mini cooper console storage tray (???)
There was no invoice enclosed, so I am not sure if the tray is a freebie that you threw in while the mini cooper console pouch is backordered, or a mistake. Please advise me as to what is going on."

Thanks! -Becky

"Aaron we have passed emails a few time in regards to the Miltek exhaust system. I purchased a complete system from you about 1yr ago, and had some fit issues (would not center on the car) with it as it had been dropped in shipping, also I had some concerns about the heat at the start of the Y section (turning blue), Well now it seems like the weld in the Y section is going bad as I can feel air around this area. This started due to an increase in noise coming from the rear. What do I need to do to get the Exhaust replaced under warranty? The header is OK."


"Aaron, First of all I would like to thank you for getting me the Alta 15% pulley to me so fast. I got it installed and it works great. It was a nice smooth and fast transaction dealing with you and your company. My next question is about your Magnaflow exhaust for my 2005 Cooper S. Do you have one in stock? My wife just told me she is going out of town this weekend on a shopping trip and now I need something to do so I thought this would be perfect. Let me know how much shipping is to Bakersfield Ca, 93304 and to get it hear by this weekend. How about HP gains? The stock Cooper S exhauest sounds to toy like to me, how about the Magnaflow? "

Thank you once again, -Jerry

"Hi! I am sorry as well. I know what a hassle it is for you all to supply us out here and I really appreciate it. We "talk up" Out Motoring whenever we can with our fellow owners. Again, if it every shows up, I promise to shoot it back your way. Sorry for the trouble."


"The Alta short shifter box was open and all the parts were rolling around inside the bigger box which caused the shifter knob to get all> scratched and dented up. I was wondering if you would be able to send> me a new knob or if you have to take the whole kit back. Thanks for your help."

- Rob

"Aaron, Got the rack today. Thanks so much. Will be back for more as we outfit our mini!!"



"I got my stuff today, the order was perfect!! Thanks a lot folks, I really appreciate it!"



"When you start to put the the washers and nuts on the bottom of the posts and tighten them, and the posts begin turning so the nuts can neither be tighten nor removed, what is your suggestion? I can't get the armrest off now, or tighten it to keep it from rattling. Aesthetically it might look great, mechanically it sucks. Any suggestions?"


"I just wanted to thank you for your continued service & support which is second to none. I put the Milltek header in yesterday & now I really don't want to get off the road, let alone go to work!"

Thank you from a pleased customer,






"Thank you, Aaron! I ordered a K & N High-Flow air filter from you two on Sunday night in Hawaii and just received it today! You two are so awesome =)... Have a great Thursday morning!"

Sincerely, Erik


"Thanks for the heads-up Andrea. I actually received my order today, and noticed the colder spark plugs weren't there. I appreciate you dropping a line and letting everyone know what was up. You guys continue to earn business with the professional way in which you handle things."


"I just wanted you to know that I just received my BMP/ProMINI intake for my MCSC. I have to say you have the fastest shipping on the planet! I ordered it on a Monday and received it on Thursday! It looks great and I can't be more happy. Thank you for your fast and great service."


Dear Aaron "My Out Motoring consignment has been delivered. Unfortunately the cardboard box was open at one corner when it arrived. There were various lose items in the box and the Alta Intake System was in an open plastic bag. I think some items from that kit may be missing; I will have to check with Alta to see exactly what should have been included.

There was also damage to the Milltek exhaust system. Although it appears cable ties bound the various parts, some of these were broken. The end tip of the RH exhaust has been bent in. I would think other Milltek items becoming projectiles within the box have caused this. I will need to get in touch with Milltek in the UK so see how this can be corrected, if at all.

I’m not sure how much Out Motoring has forwarded to Australia, but perhaps you have completely underestimated what goes on with international freight handling. Goods go through many “hubs” and airports. Your packaging of my order was completely inadequate given the weight and distance involved, it was too heavy and so poorly packed and sealed. Heavy items always get thrown around or dropped.

I’m not sure if you are in a position to do much about what has happened but I would appreciate your response.

Many thanks" -Preston

I received a pair of these belts last week, ordered through OutMotoring.com. There were a couple problems. First, neither box contained installation instructions. I was able to locate the official Schroth instructions on the Web, so that worked out fine. The right-side belt seems to contain the wrong mounting bolts for the rear anchor. Instead of a long bolt, washer, and spacer, which came with the left-side belt, it was a pair of shorter bolts and two washers. It looks to me like the spacer is critical to let the original belt anchor

Please send the correct hardware as soon as possible. Or, if this is something I can source at a local auto parts store, please send the appropriate specs.

Thank you," -Scott


"Thanks Aaron! Always giving great options, not only the items I asked for. I will go for the Shark. Pretty sure that with your advice this pocket rocket will have a harmonious improvement in performance without sacrificing much drivability.

Thank you for your advice :) I will go to the website to order them"

Miami FL

"You guys have been such a great help, Thanks!!! I also want to say that you responded to my email very fast and I very much appreciate that! Will get the product sent out A.S.A.P.!"

Thanks -R.J. Dean


"Hi Aaron, Just drop a line or two to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.All the best to you and your family for the new coming year 2005.And thankyou very much for all the supports and helps given throughout the year."

Merry Christmas!!


"Thank you for your rapid response to my inquiry, I received my order today, Tuesday Dec. 28. Count me as one of your very satisfied customers.
Thanks again,"


"Hi, just received the Tachymeter watch & cap, first of all I must applaud your customer service in that you shipped me these two items before you received the return. I'm satisfied with this watch, the"QUALITY/ CRAFTSMANSHIP" is unbelievable, as well the cap is nice. Thanks again and enjoy the holidays."



"Hi Guys; eEverything received today perfect! Excellent service-many thanks. best regards."


"I ordered a BMW Belt Tensioner Tool last week in order to help out some club members with their pulley installs. The tool arrived ahead of time! Thank you so much for expediting my order. Expect future business from me."

Thank you,-Chris K

"Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
I ordered some weeks ago the ultimate MINI Cooper Tachymeter Watch. The delivery and service was excellent, thank you!"



"Aaron and Andrea, Thanks for your great service on my last order. As always, you went out of your way to provide excellent service to a fellow Ohioan. I always recommend you to my fellow MINIers."



"Dear Aaron, I would like to inform You that my order #1901 on 29.09.2004. precisely Auxiilary Audio Cable for Mini Cooper has arrived in Zagreb on 07.10.2004. Thanks for being prompt and professional."

Croatia (Europe)

"I have checked my records and am not sure why I received 2 MINI Trunk Liners today in the mail. I, sadly, only have one MINI Cooper, my pride and joy. I want to return the extra liner. Besides just sending this right back to you, is there anything else I should do?

Thanks in advance. You have a great company! (GREAT products and an easily navagated web site)."



"I recently placed an order with you & just wanted to say you folks are great! I actually cancelled an order with another company & placed my order with you. I'll definitely be ordering from you again."


"Thank you very much for your prompt response on this issue. I appreciate the consideration and extra effort you have made in this matter. Thanks again for resolving the problems with UPS."


"Hi Aaron, Thanks a million for the fantastic T and the decals. I'm very flattered and appreciative....I love your sense of graphics and would love to make it more prominant so everyone can see it. Hey, check out our local Mini group at Michiganmini.com. Don't know what group you belong to in Ohio but do think about joining us sometimes ...especially during next years Woodward Dream Cruise? Thanks again and do please inform me when there's another deal on your great arm rest."


"Sorry for the late reply. The package is received. Apparently the doorman threw it in the back of the mailroom and promptly forgot about it, hence the messup. There was no fault on Outmotoring's part. Thank you very much for another outstanding effort."



"Hi Aaron, If the previous shipment shows up, I will be sure to let you know. The last thing I want to do is to be dishonest with you. Yes it was frustrating, but I realize that some things are beyond our control. I hope that we can do some business in the future and since you have been very helpful in resolving this matter, I will be sure to let the other Mini Owners here in Hawaii know that OutMotoring is an honest and decent Company with honest and decent people. I wish to thank you again for your assistance in my shipment."

A Satisfied Customer

"My shipment arrived in great shape today and now all I have to do is install the shelf and audio connections. It looks great and thanks for the fast service. My daughter was up in Gambier for 4 years and hope you have a good winter."



"Thank you for the info and the quick response...I will get back via e-mail when I am able to order them."

Thanks again,

"If I may suggest this process would certainly be easier if you would include an invoice with return instructions like other mail order companies do."


"I just installed the armrest. It looks great and is much better than the one offered by Mini USA. It only took me 20 minutes, (your literature says 15 minutes so I guess I'm a little slow)."

Thanks again.






Thanks for the quick reply!"


This is an exchange we had with a customer (Jim, in quotes) with whom we completely screwed up their entire order:

"I finally received the refund this morning on my card."

} We actually ran the refund transaction on Thursday very late in the evening, I am not sure why it took so long to post. We sent you the refund confirmation in a email that night (11 PM in the evening or so) so you knew that we actually refunded you. Yes, we were up that late trying to clear up this issue.

"You have a big flaw in the way you do business. You charge the card when you receive the order. Most businesses charge when they ship the order, as it should be. The inventory stays in front of the money, not behind it."

} You are correct, that is how it supposed to be and that is how we typically do it. In this case we got confused because we thought we had shipped your order because we just sent out a order to you which was actually the first order. We use a manual system for orders, shipping and charging credit cards. They are all three independent systems that have to manually updated. We made a mistake on your order and we have told you this numerous times. We were confused.

"If I hadn't said anything you would never have known that I didn't receive the order."

} yes, that is correct. We made a mistake. We would have never thought that a order that was overlooked would have been forgotten by the customer, even after the charge showed up on the card. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. We are taking measures to do better with this.

"You had my money for 3 weeks."
} Yes, we did, sorry.

"That's not being honest with the customer. I shouldn't have to ask again and again where my order is after being charged for it."

} correct, but we were in contact you to let you know of shipping delays from our supplier. We were simply understocked and it was really accentuated by the already frustrating oversight on shipping your original order.

"That's not good customer service anyway you look at it."

} Correct, but imagine if we were not honest people who had made a mistake, but rather people who were simply out to scam others. That is not who we are and for some reason that is how we feel we are being treated. We are a very small company and we make mistakes. Our systems are not fool proof. We are humans.

} We are MINI enthusiasts, not just some fly by night internet scam shop. We are a new, family run home based company and we are going through growing pains. This is the fist
major mess up that we have caused and we are learning from it. We have given you updates as we got them. We have no control over shipping delays from our vendors.

I realize that you may not care who we are or what kind of people we say we are, but if you have a moment please see our "customer comments" section as well as our "about us" page. Please note that we will most likely post your previous comments regarding your interaction with us unless you would prefer us not to. We post the good, the bad and the ugly. We would rate this mess up as an "ugly" one. Again, we are very sorry.



If for some reason you would like to try working with again, we will extend a discount coupon for free shipping and $20 dollars off any order. Just let us know and we can get that to you.



"I have recieved the goods as well as the refund to my account. Thanks a million for being such a great help."



"Feedback... I was frustrated to see a handling fee (regardless of amount) added to this order without notifying me until after the order (and payment) was processed. A REALLY bad practice that doesn't encourage repeat business."



"Hi Aaron, I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you profusely for being a sponsor of MINIs On Top 2004. As the recipient of the nicely engineered and finished center armrest, you have earned yourself a loyal customer. I plan to praise your business at everyone opportunity.

Thank you so very much."



"A MINI green brake story ,

I received the prompt delivery of my Green Stuff front and rear brake pads last week. The more I thought about it since I have tools, two jacks... I really better not mess with this myself. I'll pay someone else to do it since the MINI is still an English car with English quirks I suppose.

I just had all the brakes changed over on the MINI. After 23000 miles the old ones were still in good shape. Now it will be a test to see how these wear and if they really eliminate the brake dust.

At 8:02 the MINI was up on the lift this morning at Lefevers garage . This the same place I took all 4 of my 1950 vintage English cars over the past 18 years. Gary, Billy, Jim and Brian were all there working. Brian begins about 4 every morning so he can leave by 3. Billy waved me into his bay. It took Billy and hour and a half labor, a raft of tools, like torque wrenches the size of dinosaur bones, to put the new MINI brakes on. He consulted with Gary and found out that he had one of the rear pads reversed. I probably distracted him with my constant chatter. " I wasn't paying attention, he said." Brian continued trying to get some rusted out farm truck inspected and pretended not to notice the problems Billy was having . Jim just smiled and stayed away from the MINI since he was a GM worker for 35 years. It was not a do it yourself job especially since one of the retainer clips on the new brake pads was broken. The pad would have worked but there would have been some noise. He had to grind the clip down and baize it onto the pad before installation. Of course there was no one there to take my cash since Gary's wife, Betty, was shipping the kids to Grandmoms so she could come to the shop and do the scheduling and billing. I ran some trips around town, lightly testing the new brakes and returned in an hour to hand Betty some cash and pick up my original factory installed brakes which after 23000 miles were barely worn.

Another day of the English experience with English made parts. My two year old MINI still out stops all those 40 plus year old Metropolitans drove all those years. They came from England with "fun house" installed braking systems."



"I ordered the Compete "MINI" 5 piece floor mat set and I recieved the floor mats for "Cooper S". The mats look great, other than the wrong emblem on them."



"Hi Guys, firstly this a great website with some excellent products, the armrest you have is sensational. The one product I am interested in is the mini chronograph watch, what would be the price to ship this to Brisbane Australia? Can I pay for this via a secure online service including shipping to Australia?"



I recently purchased a belt adjustment tool and need to reurn it. The tool snapped in half the first time I tried to use it. It appears to be missing a weld. I also ordered spark plugs that turned out to be out of stock, but did not see a credit back on my invoice. I'm interested in magnacore plug wires for a cooper s and would like to make an exchange."



"Aaron, we put the B&M Short Throw Sport Shifter on two cars last weekend and are very pleased with it's performance and the ease of installation. It was great doing business with you and I am sure we will do more soon. Anyone that supports MotoringFile is at
the top of my list of people to do business with."



"Just stumbled across your site tonight... very cool. Well designed, informative, and you even have an opinion. And you can tell I mean it because I placed an order.... whoever does your web design deserves a raise - far and away the cleanest, most functional Mini site I've found."



Hello Folks-

"I received my order today (#1285) Alta Cooper S Intake. However no cleaning kit was included, as I ordered and was charged for.

There was also no notification that the cleaning kit would be arriving separately on the packing slip or in the email confirmations I had received.

Please let me know when I can expect the cleaning kit to arrive, or contact me with the expected ship date. Your prompt attention is appreciated."

Thank You-



"Hi Guys, firstly this a great website with some excellent products, the armrest you have is sensational."



"Hi Aaron, Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah, it's a shame, but I've gotten over it. The GBO is worth keeping, so I'll hang on to the black on that you first sent me, and send the gray one (the second one) back to you using the shipping label you provided to me. Many thanks for the super service! Now only if *you* made the GBO, all would be well. :-)

Many thanks, and you'll see me again."



"Unfortunately, till now I have not received my order and also the Greek Customs. I had paid $815,87USD to you, for my order and I don't have any information from your side about this order, because you make this dispatch by ship. You must be informed before you sent my order, the way of the transport, and then you sent it NOT BEFORE. In case that we don't found my order in Customs, you should sent it again, because we have already paid the amount to you one month ago and you sent it with unknown way of transport (ship??).

This is your mistake; sorry but this is the true in this terrible situation and the way of transport you used. I have to inform you also that I am very disappointed with your cooperation."



"I think this is really unacceptable. I have another order placed with a seperate vendor in US a few days after my order with outmotoring. It was sent thru the normal mail system and I have already recieved it. The package is now sitting in my office for the past 1 week waiting for my pulley to arrive so I can get everything installed at 1 go. So who should i be chasing for my pulley Outmotoring or UPS or have I paid for a "Vaporware". Really disappointed, car will be back from the shop next week and I thought I could get it prep for a coming track day.

Yours truly upset,"

-John Kan


"Hi there Aaron, wow, thanks for the prompt and thorough reply! Much appreciated. You bring-up a good point about going to a local MINI dealership. I will do just that. If so (I can get the wiring kit), then I'll be back to get the gauge pod.

Thanks again". Tony


"Hi OutMotoring, My Glove Box Organizer just arrived. My order ID is 1036. I was referred to OutMotoring by the NorthAmericanMotoring.com community, of which I'm a daily visitor and regular poster. The box arrived in good condition. When I opened it, I noticed that the Glove Box Organizer had been placed in the box with no padding. It was just dropped in the box. Consequently, there are several "rub" marks on the "velvet" of the Glove Box Organizer. Everytime I open my glove box, I will see these rub marks. They are quite unsightly. They just don't blend in well with my Mini. You should have wrapped the GBO in sufficient bubble pack, etc. If you had, the rubbing would not have occurred. Can I get a replacement GBO, shipped with proper bubble pack and sufficient padding to prevent rubbing? Since you didn't pack it properly the first time, can I get the replacement without my having to spend any more money?

Hope to hear from you soon."

Thank you,


"Very good service (Outmotoring) and fabulous parts from (Alta) for the cooper S Thanks a lot and wish you very success in your brand-new and fabulous firm. Best regards at all team from Belgium."



Thank you so much for the in-depth response, it is VERY helpful. I am used to people leaving two sentence answers that manage to not answer any part of the question."


"I was getting a little worried when I didn't receive an email back, but today I received the missing part in the mail! I appreciate it a lot! I'll spread my satisfaction on mini2.com."

Thanks again! -Paul


"Wow! I am nothing short of impressed with your company so far. Today is Easter - and yet I still receive a prompt response. I feel totally stoopid - as with my third check - I indeed found the stripping. Thank you for your attention to detail and your desire to provide above quality customer service.

I look forward to doing business with you in the future."



"Aaron, I decided to install the Alta 22mm rear swaybar today. After about 2hours taking my car apart, I find out that I was suppose to get new metal bracket mounts
for the swaybar bushings which was not included in the package!!! I was very frustrated as I had to put my car back together without accomplishing anything. I tried my local autoshop, but they did not have brackets that would fit the cooper-s I am very upset, I would like to return this entire swaybar kit. Please send me a return merchandise approval number so that I can ship it back to you on Monday."



"You are the best I will continue buing from you guys always.Thank you"



"Hi again, Installed the intake Wow! the motor can breath power is much
smoother and seems to have a bit more power completly satisfied. The best
part was installation, it was a breeze."

Thanks again, Lou


"Thanks for the information-one of the reasons I ordered from you is that you are a
small start up-congratulations and the best!"


"Thanks. Found you through NAM. Ordered from you instead of Redline because I wanted to support your "part time business" in hopes that it grows big! I love dealing with
entrepreneurs. Good luck."

-Chris '04 MCS JCW


"Hi - Thank you for the quick shipment of my Clear Tail Lights and Alta Cooper S Intake, I received them faster than expected. However one small problem. On my order, and on the invoice was marked Yes cleaning kit. Unfortunately I did not receive the cleaning kit"

Thank you, and I look forward to ordering from you again in the future.



".I just ordered the chrome mirror caps (the dealer said they are no longer available) from you for my Mini Cooper S, (BRG, White w/ white bonnet stripes) due to arrive in April. Keep up the good work."



"Aaron, thanks for the ( OUTMOTORING) T's. I am very happy with the quality of the shirt and printing. Keep up the excellent work , providing MiniPeople with the products that they want and need. I hope that your site continues to growand prosper."


"Awesome. thank you. I greatly appreciate your customer service and will refer you to everyone I know who has a mini."



"WHAT A SURPRISE!! ....THANKS A TON, AARON!! Dang, that was real cool of you ... 1:00 in the morning?? Much looking forward to doing business with you again very soon!! Take care." (regarding the install of some products purchased from us)

- Erik


"Aaron, Thanks again for your expert advice. I'll contact you again after driving school for my next upgrade, maybe an exhaust..."



"If I order the mount (Alta Gauge Pod) it will be from you folks, (I last ordered the euro shelf from you, great service) but would like another question answered if you can; what is the oil pressure range of the MCS? I'm gauge close, and trust those who obviously love the Mini."



"Hi, I was going to order the mud flaps, but decided not to when I saw your shipping charge! Over $10.00 for ups ground WOW!!!!!!! You're too rich for my blood !! Will shop else where." (customer was given a rebate to counter shipping charges to his area- he ended up buying from us!)


"Thanks for your help. I just placed my order in your web site for the wheels and an antenna. Hopefuly we'll keep doing business."



"Thanks so much!! And appreciate your prompt response!"



"Thanks again, Aaron!! BTW, I was referred to you by "sdanaher" on NAM... He said some really great things about you & that's why I ordered from you. Have a great Tuesday!! Take care.


"Thank you for your real quick delivery! I ordered just at the end of last week & received it (BMP ProMini Cooper intake) TODAY. Your company's terrific -- take care..."



"Hey, I just this minute discovered your website. Looks like you're doing a great job."



"Hey Guys, I put my Pilo intake on tonight, and am very happy. Thanks for the quick service and a great product! Below is my post to a John Cooper Works list to let them know about it."



"I got the Borla today and just finished installation....I LOVE it! Thanks for all your help...I really am a happy customer! Looking forward to Shark purchase!"


"Thank you so much for replying so fast!!! You answered all my questions and so quickly!!! I am extremely impressed! I do have another question though. .... Thank you again for your time and especially for being so prompt. I really appreciate it!".. I will definitely make you guys my first stop for all my Mini upgrades"



"Wow! Quick reply. I appreciate you a lot!"



"Thank you VERY much for this. I really appreciate the effort you are putting in my order. I am definitely looking forward to making more purchases form your company in the future. Thanks again."



"I placed the order already at your site and it worked just fine. I see you have the IT part of your business solved pretty well. Congratulations!...Thanks for your time & help."

Mexico City


"I'll definitely let you guys know when I need something. I do have my eye on a euro parcel shelf....is about $10 lower than you but you guys have more convenient ordering."



"You guys are great! And imagine! You are just part time at this! I'll be sure to recommend you guys to fellow cooper owners!"


"..Thank-you for the quick response for the intake filter replacement. Someone called and said I needed to put a RMA number on the box before sending it to Alta. Is this number from you or do I contact Alta for the Number. Thanks again?"



"Thanks much! I appreciate the attention and service, I look forward to dealing with you again in the future."



"By the way, nicely designed site and impeccable online experience with superb feedback about the status of my order."



"The bar and CAI got here yesterday in perfect condition. Can't wait to install them. I'll order the other stuff soon. Thank you."



"..The price is great..Any reason you're able to get them at this price ?..Also the housing for the gauges that goes behind the big lighter..Is this the same as well ?..THANKS AND REGARDS This is a great site..Cheers"



"$37.95 for a $5.00 plastic piece????!!! Even Mini dealers only charges $35.00. Why do you want $3.00 more? Is yours better?"



"Thank you for your quick response. You guys are doing a great job...stop by the dealership and visit when you are in town. Thanks."

- Tom


"You guys sent me the wrong car mats.. I ordered the rubber ones. You sent carpet (their nice but I already have carpet)..Delivery was good/fast.. though..What now..?"



"Thanks, looking forward to getting it!. I'll be getting a money order off to you in the next few days."



"I searched through the entire box and did not find the screws or 2 of the plastic clips. The box was pretty beat up when I received it and there were a couple of small holes in the corners. The screws may have fallen out during shipping. Thanks for your quick reply and replacing the missing hardware."



"Well done, top notch."



"Thanks for your quick response, I'll check with FedEx later in the day. BTW, I recently found your site and think you guys have done a great job."



"Sorry it took me so long to get back in touch with you....Thanks again for for your help, NOT too many people offer such excellent product support, thanks"



"I'm very happy to say that I received my order today. Thank you for your prompt service and concern. I would gladly do more business with you again."



"Sounds great - I did a little more searching on the net and your pricing is not the lowest available for the BMP parts close enough - but I appreciate a man who delivers that sort of customer service ... Look forward to doing business again soon."

-Stephen (Canada)


"Greetings! I ordered the Pilo ignition upgrade a few weeks ago and already received the coil and plugs. The wires were not included, but you called and said they were coming straight from Pilo in New Jersey. They still have not arrived, so I'm contacting you again. Any news on this?"



"I did not receive what I expected or what you advertised and would ask for you to allow me to return it in its original condition and ask you to waive your unusual and rather high restocking fee. I'll eat the shipping fee (plus return shipping) as the unfortunate cost for experience and suggest you might consider USPS for future Hawaii shipments."


"Thank you for your very prompt reply. I took a second look at your site and see a few more items that I might like. My birthday is next week so I can justify these purchases.."



"Good afternoon, I just ordered an under dash shelf for my MCS. That was sort of a thank you for your post of how to install a rear sway bar. I ordered one direct from....I found your directions much more complete for a step by step..."



"Thanks, I appreciate your detailed info. You should have my order soon...Cheers"

- Ryan