Interior Cleaner for your MINI Cooper

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Posted: 06-13-2017 04:08 PM
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No dyes or chemicals!

There is no other interior cleaner like it in the world. Interior Cleaner from Griot's Garage has no dyes or other chemicals that could alter the color of the surface you are cleaning. Will not remove dyes. Does not fade or spot. Oil, dirt and countless other products lift right up with minimum fuss. You'll be amazed at how well Interior Cleaner works at removing stains from your carpets, floor mats, seats, fabrics, headliner, door panels, dash and leather! Yes, it's safe on leather too (it won’t alter factory-dyed leather but may alter after-market-dyed leather, test a small area first.) Just spray it on, wipe it off. The 22oz includes Griot's sprayer as shown. There are also 8oz and 35oz options.

Perfect around the house. Cleans floors, walls, cloth and just about every surface. Buy one for the garage and one for the house. Exclusively from Griot's Garage.


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