Is your MINI ready for Spring? Shop today!

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Posted: 03-02-2022 05:01 PM
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Synopsis: Shop today!
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If it's been a few weeks (or months) since your MINI has had a good wash you may want to get some of that winter road grime off the paint and keep it from damaging the paint. If it's too cold to get out and do a proper wash you may find this Spray On Car Wash the PERFECT solution!
Check it out here.
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With Spring just around the corner you may be seeing hotter days depending on where you live. To some the extra heat after a long day at work will be a nice treat but if you live in a area where you'd rather have a 'not scalding' seat to sit in grab a folding OR roll up type sunshade for your MINI. Keep the interior from getting sun bleached as well as increases privacy when your MINI is left alone in the parking lot. Starting at $42.50. Check them out here.
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An OutMotoring original product! If you're looking for that next greatest upgrade to your MINI this just may be what you need. Available in Checkered, Union Jack, solid one color, or with the "MINI" logo, there's somehting for everyone! Available in a wide range of colors too! Shop today.  Check them out here.
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