JCW Style Grill Kit for base Gen2

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Posted: 03-29-2018 09:33 AM
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The wait is over!

Ditch the chrome on your base model Cooper and replace it with this molded black grill trim kit AND black mesh JCW Style Grill (solid BLACK plastic material!). Installs in about 10 minutes using a screwdriver.

To install, simply open the hood and remove the screws and 2 nuts on the backside of the upper trim. Next, pull outward on the lower grill trim as it is only held in place by some small tabs. Once that is removed you will simply install the new trim.

The LOWER grill trim will NOT fit the 'Aero-kit' front bumper. Sorry!!

If you are buying this kit and you have a Cooper BUT have the JCW body kit you CAN make it work but you will need to select "COOPER S" instead of Cooper because the JCW bumper design uses a "S" style bumper.

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