Lumbar Support for F series MINI Coopers

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Posted: 01-30-2017 04:50 PM
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Get the support you need!

Anything other than a short ride in your non-lumbar support MINI will likely leave you not only blown away by the shear awesomeness of the handing and pep but also a mystified. Does my back hurt because of the extreme G Forces placed on my body? Does it hurt because it handles like its on rails? Nope. Your back hurts because the seats suck. If you don't have the lumbar option from the factory (only the leather seats have the lumbar), here is your chance to get the feature that makes driving or being driven in a MINI more enjoyable. Sold individually. Made by MINI.

This part requires installation including removing the back of the seat, cutting a small slit in the side of the seat (vinyl) to connect the knob and a few other steps. Feedback from customers is that the install takes about 25 minutes per side. These are side specific, so please order accordingly.

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