M14 or M12 Stud Conversion Kit: Race Ready
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M14 or M12 Stud Conversion Kit: Race Ready

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WEIGHT:  6.00 lbs
brand: Sneeds
Our price: $295.95

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If you do a lot of wheel changes for Autocross or for frequent seasonal tire changes this kit is a must have. Having studs instead of traditional lug bolts makes aligning wheels to the rotor a breeze because the studs stick out from the hub and you basically just 'hang' the wheel on the studs and push it on. While there are other, lower cost stud conversion kits on the market, this kit is over engineered and designed for hard core track use. Remember, your wheel stud and lug nut are the only thing holding your wheel on at 100+ MPH!! Made in USA for race applications. These 12mm x 1.5 (2002-2006 MINI) or 14mm x 1.25 (all MINI 2007 to Present) thread wheels studs are custom made for MINI race applications. They are 92mm total length with 16mm of bullet nose, 51mm of lug nut thread, 10mm of shank and 15mm to thread into the wheel hub. Heat treated with rolled threads and rated at 190,000psi.

These wheel studs work with hub centric spacers up to 20mm. Lug nuts are 12mm x 1.5 thread with 17mm hex head or 19mm hex head for 14mm x 1.25 stud. Easy use in both stock, sport and race wheels and are made with 60 degree taper to fit stock and aftermarket wheels. They are also coated yellow, to prevent rusting and for easy locating on the ground or in your tool box. Includes 16 lug nuts and studs. details: - Wheel stud total length- 92mm - Lug nut threaded length- 51mm - Bullet nose length- 16mm - Shank length- 10mm - Thread wheel hub end length- 15mm Insights: Wheel studs make mounting wheels easier and are recommended for all aftermarket wheels. Use small amount of anti seize on lug nut threads during install and use Red Loctite to install the stud in the hub. Recheck wheel studs after first 2 uses and spot check from then on. Replace wheel studs after 12 track days or every 2 years. Remember to carry spares. (In August of 2006 MINI switched to a 14mmx1.25 lug. Older cars use a 12x1.5)

Fits these MINI models: any MINI 4 lug (all but Countryman, Paceman and the F Series/ Gen3 MINI)- however contact us if you would like to get a set for a 5 lug setup.

Installation notes: - Clean lug holes with brake cleaner, make sure threads are dry. - Use threadlocker (Locktite 292 RED) on short stud ends, - torque to 15-16 ft.lbs. - Torque nuts to 104 ft lbs.


There are no product reviews for this product yet.

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These RS Door Pulls are a great addition to my R53. Having a bit of a learning curve because it's a new way to open the door. The straps seem a bit long as well but I'm sure it's just because I'm used to the OEM Door handle. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to add a little race inspired style to a sporty little car.
Jason Gasses

I just said "GOODBYE" to Bitsy Marie, my 2006 Mini S Convertible. She will be missed. ????
But NOT FOR LONG! Because I just replaced 'ole Bitsy with a brand new MINI CONVERTIBLE S in the new color, "Melting Silver." (Bitsy was BRGreen & I put maroon bonnet stripes on her. I haven't named my new MINI yet, or gotten any accessories. Yet! This looks like a site where I'm gonna have some FUN!

Wow u guys rock..I recieved my bumper protector for my Mini Cooper S 2007 Conv R52.I cannot believe how perfect it fit. I have bought some great things from here and I have yet to be disappointed. Just want to shout out to all of you @Outmotoring for the Excellent Customer Service,this is why customers keep coming back. THANKYOU!!

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