Offset Racing Stripe Kit
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Offset Racing Stripe Kit Offset Racing Stripe Kit


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Offset Racing Stripe Kit

SKU:  SKU121176
WEIGHT:  1.00 lbs
brand: Out Motoring
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Made from durable outdoor long lasting vinyl, this offset stripe kit can be used on either the boot or bonnet (buy 2 kits to do both) and includes a 5" x 36" and a 1" x 36" stripe that can be positioned just about anywhere on your boot or bonnet. The gap between the stripes can be determined when they are installed and of course the 'fat' stripe can be positioned to the left or right of the 'skinny' stripe to suite your style. Installation shown above required 1 kit for the bonnet and 1 for the boot and 1 extra for the lower front and rear bumper wrap. We can also do a custom roof stripe kit for you which is actually 2 'kits' worth of material but cut all at once so there are no gaps. If you have a sunroof you can buy 2 extra kits and it should cover the front and rear portion of the roof plus some extra.

Easy to apply and maintain, this is a great low cost way to make your MINI even more distinct and personalized. The kit allows the stripes to be put on either side, centered and at just about any angle. Simple installation requires a 10:1 ratio of water to soap in a spray bottle, 45 minutes or so and some patience. Photos by Dan Crawford.

Dimensions of EACH stripe is 5" x 36"

Available in:
Sandblast/silver (shown in picture installed partially over Blue to show transparency)
Medium blue
Soft pink

Fits these MINI models:

all current models


There are no product reviews for this product yet.

If you have purchased this item and would like to leave a product review please sign in to add your review.

Customers' comments

Ordered for the first time. My order arrived quickly and packaged with care. The headlight rings were easy to install and so were the tail light trim. Amazing product. Ordering again for sure. Thank you out motoring!

These RS Door Pulls are a great addition to my R53. Having a bit of a learning curve because it's a new way to open the door. The straps seem a bit long as well but I'm sure it's just because I'm used to the OEM Door handle. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to add a little race inspired style to a sporty little car.
Jason Gasses

My comment has to do with placing an order this weekend for less that $10 of products I tried paying with paypal three times and all three times it let me into the paypal system after logging in with my info for paypal then handed me back to your system at my shopping cart with the items still there and no order as if I never went through the process to pay with paypal. I finally opted to pay via my credit card and the system accepted the payment type and completed my order. Was this caused by a glitch in the system or what was the deal? My final order number is order #106762 which is the only one of four attempts in the end to be successful.

Scott D Selk

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