MINI Touch Up Paint Kit
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MINI Touch Up Paint Kit MINI Touch Up Paint Kit MINI Touch Up Paint Kit MINI Touch Up Paint Kit


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MINI Touch Up Paint Kit

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brand: MINI: Genuine
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Official MINI Touch Up Paint Kit. See list below and associated 3 digit paint code. Select correct color from drop down menu to make correct selection. Please note, this is a special order item and may require a 2-3 day delay while it is being ordered from MINI. Some colors are not stocked in the US and come in from Germany which takes 10-12 days.

Please check the official paint code for YOUR MINI before ordering as there are many colors that may look similar. The paint code is listed in 2 places (at least). The easiest to get to is on the driver side door jamb production sticker. The 3 digit cluster of numbers/letters on the lower right is the paint code. It is also located in the engine compartment on a rectangle metal plate attached to the shock tower. It will have the official paint name and 3 digit paint code,

*Caribbean Aqua Metallic, Cosmos Black Metallic, Digital Blue Metallic, Highclass Grey Metallic, Jungle Green Metallic, Laguna Green Metallic, Melting Silver Metallic, Midnight Gray Metallic, Pure Burgundy Metallic, Rolls-Royce Diamond Black Metallic, Starlight Blue Metallic, Thunder Blue Metallic, and Velvet Red are not available in the U.S.

Absolute Black Metallic    B11    2011 – 2016
Astro Black Metallic        A25    2005 – 2008
Black / Jet Black        668    2002 – 2005
Blazing Red Metallic    B83    2013 – 2016
Bright Yellow        B17    2011 – 2012
Brilliant Copper Metallic    B60    2013 – 2015
British Racing Green Metallic    895, A67    2002 – 2010
British Racing Green II MetallicB22    2011 – 2016
Candy Blue        853    Never Used
Caribbean Aqua Metallic    C2E    2016
Chili Red    Chili Red        851    2002 – 2016
Connaught Green         ----    2010
Cool Blue Metallic        A27    2005 – 2007
Cosmic Blue Metallic    B13    2011 – 2016
Cosmos Black Metallic    303    2002 – 2004
Crystal Silver Metallic    B12    2011 – 2016
Dark Silver Metallic        871    2002 – 2010
Deep Blue Metallic        B69    2014 – 2016
Digital Blue Metallic        C2B    2016
Earl Grey Metallic        C2F    2016
Eclipse Grey Metallic    B24    2011 – 2015
Electric Blue Metallic    870 or B86    2002 – 2006,  2015 – 2019
Emerald Grey
Highclass Grey Metallic    B43    2012 – 2015
Horizon Blue Metallic    A93    2009 – 2011
Hot Chocolate Metallic    A88    2008 – 2012
Hot Orange Metallic        A26    2005 – 2/2007
Hyper Blue Metallic        A28    1/2005 – 2006
Ice Blue    Ice Blue        B28    12/2010 – 2014
Iced Chocolate Metallic    B49    2012 – 2015
Indi Blue Metallic        862    2002 – 2004
Interchange Yellow        A95    2009 – 12/2010
Jungle Green Metallic    C15    2015 – 2016
Kite Blue Metallic        B48    2012 – 2013, 2016
Laguna Green Metallic     xxx    2012
Lapisluxury Blue (MINI Yours)    C24    2015 – 2016
LLaser Blue Metallic    A59    2007 – 2012
Light Coffee        B19    2011 – 2015
Light White        B15    2011 – 2016
Lightning Blue Metallic    A63    2007 – 2009, 2012 – 2015
Liquid Yellow        902    2002 – 4/2006
Mellow Yellow        A58    2007 – 2009
MMelting Silver Metallic    C2K    2016
Midnight Black Metallic    A94    2009 – 2016
Midnight Grey Metallic    C12    2015 – 2016
Moonwalk Grey Metallic    B71    2015 – 2016
Nightfire Red Metallic    857    2007 – 2010
Oxford Green Metallic    B26    2011 – 2014
Oxygen Blue        A74    2007 – 2010
Pepper White        850    2002 – 2016
Pure Burgundy Metallic    C2C    2016
Pure Red              B16    2011 – 2012
Volcanic Orange        ----        2014--


There are no product reviews for this product yet.

If you have purchased this item and would like to leave a product review please sign in to add your review.

Customers' comments

I've ordered from Outmotoring several times now. They are a model of customer service. Great website, great products, quick shipping. I will order everything for my MINI from Outmotoring from now on!
Nick Simpson

Without a doubt, Out Motoring is the best aftermarket retailer I've worked with. I came in to buy some small parts. I mentioned that I needed a few of the nutcerts for my Mini. One part that I needed had to be shipped to me. When it arrived they had included the nutcerts.

This Christmas they worked with my father to get my new DDM air intake to me by Christmas, despite it being back ordered most places.

Today I ordered a few more parts I needed before taking my Mini into the shop. They were shipped out within 6 hours of placing the order.
Out Motoring is my go to shop.

I just wanted to send you all a quick thank you. I was very confused by all the different possible option and changes throughout the years (thank you BMW for that BS) so I called in and spoke to Aaron. He took the time to explain things to me and pointed me in the right direction and best cost savings possible. Even gave me a discount code for the Forum that I belong to. Everything worked out great and I ordered all my parts right away. I can’t wait for them to arrive and get my car back in shape. I work in sales myself and just wanted to let you know that this was by far one of the best and easiest purchases I have made in a while and your people made it very easy. I will be recommending you to many others and will almost definitely be ordering again from you in the future.

Thank You

Bill K-
Bill K-

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