4-Piece Trim/Molding Tool Set
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4-Piece Trim/Molding Tool Set

SKU:  85877RP
WEIGHT:  0.65 lbs
brand: Tools: General
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Need to remove trim or a door panel on your MINI or just about any other vehicle in your garage? Don't be left doing that with a screwdriver that could damage expensive trim panels… Do your MINI a favor and pickup one of these complete 4-piece auto trim and molding tool sets. This tool set is absolutely perfect for removing moldings, badges, door panels. It works well on anything that is clipped or glued on. Made of a rugged poly/nylon construction to prevent marring. Comes with the following tools: Narrow Edge Remover, Pull-Type Remover, Handle Remover, and Upholster tool.

- Plastic construction will not scratch or damage interior parts or painted finishes
- Safely removes auto body molding, door panels, and window trim and disassembles dashboards and consoles
- Use also for computer and electronics repairs, upholstery, antique restoration and more

Kit contents:
  •     1-pc. 5-1/2 in. Notched Straight Tool
  •     1-pc. 5-1/2 in. Tapered End Straight Tool
  •     1-pc. 7 in. Pry Bar
  •     1-pc. 8 in. Slip Taper Pry Bar

This 4-Piece Trim/Molding Tool Set is one of the many MINI Cooper Parts and Accessories that we carry and will fit the following MINI Cooper Models and Years:

any and all

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There are no product reviews for this product yet.

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Customers' comments

All I can say is wow! This sway bar installed easily. The NM Engineering instructions are excellent. I could feel the difference even backing out of the garage. I started it out on setting 3 out of 4, but will be moving to the stiffest setting shortly. The Mini handled great stock, so I was a little skeptical about how much of a difference this bar would make. Boy am I glad I elected to give it a try. Completely worth the expense.
Loran Evans

In this "internet age" we find ourselves searching for the best price we can find. All the while not thinking about the "value" of customer service. Is an extra dollar or two in your pocket worth bad service? The answer is no!

While Out Motoring offers competitive pricing, the one thing no other on-line vendor can provide is the amazing and excellent customer service provided by the Out Motoring Team.

Their responsiveness, professionalism, knowledge and ability to accommodate a customers needs are world class and second to none!

Good service DOES have "value" and it's worth paying for! So my advice is, before you waste time trying to find a better price elsewhere think about what it might cost you in the long run should you encounter a problem.

It's better to do business with a company like Out Motoring which is professional, customer focused AND offers competitive pricing.

Out Motoring has set the benchmark for all other on-line retailers who have forgotten the meaning of customer service.


Purchased the following for my F54 JCW:

Blackout light covers
Blackout grill frame
Blackout door handles
Blackout barn door handles

Perfect fit
Perfect look
Perfect durability

Transformed the F54 JCW into something even more special.

SUPERB help from the Outmotoring Staff! So YES - I'm back for more!
KA Dawkins

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