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Did you know that in 2012 Out Motoring, Inc. purchased MINI Do More? MINI Do More is the premium and only brand to offer a model specific hidden hitch for every model MINI on the road. OutMotoring offers the full line of hitches here on our site but you can also purchase directly from the website.

Why is the "I" missing from the MNI Do More name now?
Well, in late 2013 MINIs legal department required us to change the business name AND url of our business so it did not have the word MINI in it. Instead of changing our name entirely we decided to just drop one of the 'i's' from the name. It shut BMW up and we were able to recover without too much hassle. It's not ideal. It's not a typo. It's our legal system hard at work. BMW needed to protect their brand value and we took the heat.

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