New FRESH website design.

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Posted: 10-12-2016 01:55 PM
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New website design is loaded with improvements to help you shop.

If you've been shopping with OutMotoring in recent months you'll likely notice that late last week we released a new look for our website. The new site offers some great improvements to make shopping for the MINI parts and accessories you need easier and more enjoyable. Our new search box allows you to fine tune your search to just a particular MINI model and the new navigation selection allows you to select a specific MINI model and will only show the products in that category. The old navigation had a long list of models on the left and allowed you to search within multiple categories at once- which was great for folks that have more than 1 MINI model. The new site is leaps and bounds better in all respects. Graphics, responsiveness, speed, layout, design and functionality. We hope you enjoy!

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