New MINI Parts + Accessories!

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Posted: 01-20-2021 07:04 PM
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Synopsis: We've got some new MINI accessories for you today!
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JUST IN! We now have Union Jack LED Brake Lights for the F60 Gen3 Countryman in RED. That's right! This new all red design has the same basic design as the Black Jack (grey / black) style we've had for a few months now but there's something nice about this all red variant that we think you're gonna love. Check them out here. These are a plug and play install and also includes a fresh set of Chrome Brake Light Trim rings.
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If you've been trying to find a place to store random cables, hang face masks, or just need a new place to store other random items we're happy to now offer this super helpful stick on MINI logo hook. Includes pre-installed double stick tape to stick it wherever you want. These are so cool you may want a few for each car! Check them out here.
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Let's face it.The design of this double decker rear wing is polarizing. There's something about this that just appeals to us even though it has a LOT of "Fast and Furious" styling to it. For some reason it just looks good on a MINI and we hope you agree-- or at least some of you do! This is ONLY designed to fit the R56 model hatchbacks which were produced from 2007-2013. Check them out here.
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If you're looking for that next accessory to set your MINI apart from the crowd this just may be the answer!. This set of two side mirror shades stick on in seconds with the pre installed doulble stick tape between the gap of the mirror trim and the mirror and adds a bit of shade to protect your side mirrors and help keep that pesky rain out of the way. Pick up a set today!

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