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Posted: 10-06-2021 04:07 PM
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Gen3 F55/6/7 MINI be sure to check out these new Gloss Black headlight eyelids. They may be a bit divisive but we think they're flat out insane and totally change the look of what some may call a 'cute car'. Get a set today and ditch the cuteness.  Shop here.
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MINIs of all generations but especially gen1 and gen2 nearly all suffer from way too much negative camber as the suspension sags combined with fixed length factory control arms. The only way to get that negative camber fixed is to replace the fixed lower arms with adjustable arms such as these ultra stout solid steel arms. While there's a wide range of Adjustable Lower Rear Control arms on the market they tend to be way more $$ and most folks just want their MINI to work and would rather invest their money in other places which is I we are happy to now offer what we consider one of the best values on the market.  Pick up a set today. Click here.
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R56 and R58 owners who are looking for the factory JCW body kit or even the front bumper, rear bumper or side skirts will likely find a dead end within a few minutes of searching online because MINI has discontinued the factory JCW Body Kit and most of the individual components. We scoured the world and found this near perfect replica of the kit that appears to be made with either the factory molds or near perfect copies of them as the part quality, fit and finish is top notch. We have ONE of these JCW Body Kits in stock and are ready to ship!  Shop Here.
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