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OBD Scanner Module:  Bluetooth
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OBD Scanner Module:  Bluetooth OBD Scanner Module:  Bluetooth OBD Scanner Module:  Bluetooth


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OBD Scanner Module: Bluetooth

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For Android & Windows devices ONLY! NOT iOS compatible!

Many similar OBD2 tools claim  to work on all vehicles but have problems with the J1850 & CAN protocols however..... the BAFX Products OBD reader actually DOES work on all vehicles & ALL OBD2 protocols!

Monitor engine sensors in real time for more in-depth diagnostics
Use the OBD reader in real time to monitor what your engine is doing and help get to the bottom of problems. Running rich? Overheating? Watch your sensors while the vehicle runs to see exactly what is going on when problems occur! No more guessing, know what is happening when it happens.

You can also setup graphing and data logging to view the data later on after your drive is complete to see how often something is happening, when it’s happening and its highs and lows.

The information you need, in the palm of your hand, at a moment’s notice.

Diagnose & Monitor Your Vehicle with Ease!
Diagnose & Monitor Your Vehicle with Ease!

(For Android & Windows ONLY!)

When used with proper software, you can:

Read your OBDII check engine light codes
Reset / Clear your vehicle’s Check Engine Light (CEL)
Pull readings for sensors related to the vehicles OBDII / Emissions system
Graph sensor readings (for things like O2, AF, Throttle etc)
Data logging & map based tracking of sensor readings
Check to ensure your vehicle is ready for smog / emissions testing!
And much more!

Examples of possible sensor readings: O2 Readings, EOT, EGT, Throttle, Boost, Speed, Fuel Trim, DPF Temp, Balance Rates, RPM's, Load value, Throttle position & more!

NOTE: Not all vehicles support reading of ALL sensors. Readings supported depend on what's installed on the OBDII system by the manufacturer. Generally, newer vehicles will provide more readings.

Pesky check engine light got you down?
Using our OBD2 scanner you can read the codes causing the light to come on and then find out what the possible causes are for those codes so you can get the fix made before any more damage is done! Driving with the check engine light on without fixing the problem can turn a small problem into a BIG problem!

The fix can be as small & easy as changing out a sensor, or the gas cap! Don't let the mechanics rip you off charging you for repairs you don't need. Know before you go to the mechanic or even do it yourself!

Did you know? If you try to pass emissions testing and your check engine light is illuminated that is an automatic failure meaning you'll have to bring it back after making the repair anyways? Don't waste valuable time, read the code, make the fix and then get tested!

Be warned though! Just clearing the light won't let you pass emissions, you must still fix the problem in order to pass!

Check engine light on? Need to read the code?

Need to clear your check engine light?
Heading for emissions testing and need to make sure you'll pass?
Want to check the status of sensors when the CEL light came on?
Want to make sure O2 sensors are working properly?
Need to check your air/fuel ratio?

All this and more is at your fingertips with the BAFX Products OBD2 scanner!

Will this work on my (Ford, Dodge, Toyota, BMW, Hyundai etc) vehicle?

We promise that our OBD reader will work on all consumer vehicles purchased in the USA that are model year 1996 or newer, regardless of make or model! Unlike other brands of OBD readers, ours REALLY does work on all of these vehicles!

Are there ANY exceptions to this?

Yes. Heavy Duty vehicles such as semi-trucks, dump trucks, tractors, and other commercial vehicles, use HD-OBD which normally require special tools. There may be exceptions where our OBD reader does work. Also, some all electric vehicles cases special apps are needed in order to use the OBD reader with all electric vehicles.

I have a hybrid vehicle, will it still work?

Can I read ABS/SRS/TPMS (etc.) codes with this?

Unfortunately, no. Our OBDII reader is able to access real time engine information that is part of OBDII and read and clear check engine light only. It is not able to read or clear warning lights for: ABS, SRS, VSC, Oil Change, General Maintenance Lights; or any other non-OBDII systems. These systems can only be accessed with specialized tools.

Will I be able to read my oil pressure, transmission temp, coolant temp or other particular sensors on my vehicle?

Whether or not it can be read on your vehicle depends on the capabilities of the app you will be using and whether the manufacturer of your vehicle has made that sensor available for reading through normal OBDII protocols. Unfortunately, there is currently no database that will tell us what sensors can be read on any particular vehicle. The adapter will need to be tested with your vehicle to find out what sensors are supported.

What app should I use with the OBD reader?

We generally recommend the Torque Pro app. However, there are many great apps on the market. Please note, the apps and software used with the adapter are provided by third party vendors, BAFX Products is not affiliated with the software developers.

You state this works on all cars purchased in the USA 1996 & newer but my car was purchased somewhere else, will it work?

Please check the short list below for your country, if your vehicle is the noted model year or newer, our OBD reader WILL work with it! Don’t see your country listed?

Australia - All vehicles 2006 & Newer
Brazil - All vehicles 2008 & Newer
Canada - All vehicles 1998 & Newer
EU (Petrol) - All vehicles 2001 & Newer
EU (Diesel) - All vehicles 2004 & Newer
India - All vehicles 2013 & Newer
Israel - All vehicles 2003 & Newer
Japan - All vehicles 2010 & Newer
Mexico - All vehicles 2006 & Newer

Please note: Simply because a vehicle has a port which resembles and OBD2 port does NOT mean the vehicle will work with our OBD reader.


There are no product reviews for this product yet.

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Customers' comments

My hitch for my R53 came in today and 3 hours later it is installed and the car is all back together. The fit and finish are excellent and I couldn't be happier with the product. The only problem I had is that the instructions mention zip ties and replacement trim mount clips but the little Baggie included in my box was empty. Someone forgot to pop the parts into the bag before tossing the bag into the box. Didn't really effect me because I didn't break any trim tabs and I have PLENTY of zip ties.

Thanks for a great and unique product that makes the ownership of our quirky little MINIs even better.

Chili Red Owner #552
David Rigg

you guys are the best. I'm an ownner of a new/used mini and every part I have needed you have fouind for me or it is already on web site with full discription. Your help has been invaluable to me. Thanks
Jeff Hull

Without a doubt, Out Motoring is the best aftermarket retailer I've worked with. I came in to buy some small parts. I mentioned that I needed a few of the nutcerts for my Mini. One part that I needed had to be shipped to me. When it arrived they had included the nutcerts.

This Christmas they worked with my father to get my new DDM air intake to me by Christmas, despite it being back ordered most places.

Today I ordered a few more parts I needed before taking my Mini into the shop. They were shipped out within 6 hours of placing the order.
Out Motoring is my go to shop.

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