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OBD Scanner Module: Veepeak: Bluetooth
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OBD Scanner Module: Veepeak: Bluetooth OBD Scanner Module: Veepeak: Bluetooth OBD Scanner Module: Veepeak: Bluetooth OBD Scanner Module: Veepeak: Bluetooth


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OBD Scanner Module: Veepeak: Bluetooth

SKU:  Veepeak OBD
WEIGHT:  0.50 lbs
brand: Unassigned
Our price: $44.95

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BLUETOOTH OBD2 ADAPTER FOR IOS & ANDROID - Turn your iPhone, iPad or Android phone/tablet into a sophisticated diagnostic scan tool and real-time monitor with a third-party OBD2 App such as OBD Fusion, DashCommand, OBD Auto Doctor, Car Scanner ELM OBD2 for iOS & Android and Torque Pro for Android (more OBD2 Apps available on App Store and Google Play with prices from $0 to $9.99)

DIAGNOSE AND MONITOR - With the proper app, you can read and clear check engine light trouble codes (both generic and manufacturer specific), reset check engine light, prepare smog test, view real-time sensor readings, create customized dashboard and estimate fuel economy.

UNIVERSAL VEHICLE COMPATIBILITY – Works with OBD2 / EOBD compliant cars and light trucks (in the United States, vehicles since year 1996 are supported including light-duty diesel pickup trucks, hybrid and many electric vehicles, no brand limitation). Supports all five OBD-II protocols: CAN, KWP2000, ISO9141-2, J1850 VPW and J1850 PWM.

BETTER CONNECTION THAN WiFi – No complex settings or tricky connections plus much lower power consumption compared to WiFi. It uses Bluetooth (no pairing in iOS Bluetooth menu required) and you can have access to internet via your cellular data, connect to the car Bluetooth at the same time when the phone is connected to VEEPEAK device.
Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows. May NOT work with some Android car head units. Does not reset maintenance required light or oil light. What sensor readings and advanced features you can get mainly depend on what your vehicle and app support. Comes with 30-day money back guarantee, 12-month hassle-free replacement warranty and easy to reach, friendly customer support.

The vehicle in your garage can be as smart as your phone. Turn your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet into a sophisticated diagnostic scan tool and real-time performance monitor. The OBDCheck BLE directly plugs into your vehicle and connects to an OBD II App on your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth. Whenever you have a check engine light on or want to see how your car is performing, the OBDCheck BLE will be a very useful gadget for you.

Diagnose Check Engine Light

With the OBDCheck BLE, you can read the codes causing the check engine light to come on. You may then find out what the possible causes are and fix simple problems by yourself and reset the light, potentially saving you a trip to a garage and hundreds of dollars. When you need to bring your car to a mechanic, it also gives you a peace of mind that the mechanic is honest.

  • Read and clear check engine light trouble codes
  • Reset check engine light
  • View live sensor readings and get graphic live data
  • View freeze frame data
  • Monitor fuel economy
  • Create your own dashboard
  • Display your route on a live map
  • Know whether your vehicle is ready for smog check
  • On specific vehicles, you can even have advanced features like enhanced diagnostics and coding (requires capable App)
  • And more to discover!


1. For iOS devices, when "VEEPEAK" shows up on the Bluetooth list, no need to do anything here (DO NOT PAIR). Please start the app, make connection setting and connect from the app. If you have tried to pair from the iOS Bluetooth setting (resulting in a Not Supported error), please restart your iOS device and follow the instructions.

2. When using with Android head units, please change the default Bluetooth pairing pin to 1234 in the head unit Bluetooth setting.

3. If you have any Bluetooth connecting issues, or the connection drops in short times and requires unplugging and re-plugging in to reconnect, please follow our instructions to update the Bluetooth firmware.


There are no product reviews for this product yet.

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Aaron Cornaby is the man! I can't say enough good things about him, or his staff. All of my questions were answered in a prompt, professional manner, and Outmotoring has the BEST prices around - I'd know, I'm a penny pincher. They were also kind enough to send me out a part for the coil overs I had ordered to complete them since I ordered the GEN1, instead of the GEN2 - d'oh!

Thanks, dude! You guys ROOOCK!!!
John DeMaio

I would like to give the folks at a huge shout out. Once again they are saving my ass.

Crank pulley shit the bed on my 06 jcw last night. Called all my local parts dealers and they don't even carry the crank pulley. Called my local dealers and its 5 days away in Ontario, Canada. As I am in Alberta. I need this ASAP as this is May daily driver.

Gave them a phone call. Talked with a wonderful lady. She checked that the Alta pulley I wanted was in stock.
Now there shipping options for me where limited to the fastest being 6-10 days on their website. She got ahold of ups and had a next day shipping option available at a reasonable price. + I had $53 worth of points I could use for a discount. Put the order through within ten minutes of my original call. Shipping next day from their location to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada all for under $200.

This has the be the best customer service I have ever had from a mainly web based business. bar none! I HIGHLY recommend them to everyone.

Thank you once again!
Brendan Sundsten

Excellent service and a wealth of knowledge
Peter Britsas

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