Vinyl Cutters are Awesome

Vinyl Cutters are Awesome
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Synopsis: If you love to make cool stuff get a vinyl cutter.
About 5 years I bought a vinyl cutter and I have had a blast making just about anything sticker related one can imagine. The main purpose for buying it was to be able to create hood stripes on site so we could ship faster than we previously were while waiting for our supplier to make each set of stripes to order...once we had the cutter we could make a few dozen of each color and style and keep them in stock. After a few months of having just black and white I bought about 10 more colors and just ran hundreds of stripes through the cutter so we could ship same day. That machine has been one of the greatest tools we have, aside from the heat press (for making shirts on site).

Anyways, it's so versatile I use it as a plotter to make mockups of products such as glove box organizers after creating the CAD file in Illustrator. Once it's printed it is a ultra precise representation of the CAD data so I can test out product designs before going to the manufacturer which charges big bucks to run their water jet or laser cutter to cut sheet goods. They can be costly to buy and the cutting software is not cheap and knowing the graphics programs to create artwork does take some time (luckily I have a Industrial Design degree and spent YEARS working in Illustrator so I know it inside and out)...

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