Badge Holder for your MINI

Badge Holder for your MINI
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Synopsis: Add a little bit of flare to your MINI with badges.
If you've not seen the movie "The Office" you owe it yourself to watch it and be sure to pay attention to the lunch scene that talks about "flare"'s good- and funny... Now, I'm not suggesting you attach pins and tons of other nonsense to your MINI but adding a few tasteful badges on the front grill is actually a nice way to customize your MINI without committing to something like stripes or paint. The best way to add a badge to your MINI and allow it to be easily removed is to get a metal badge holder that will allow magnetic badges to be swapped out on the fly. About 6 years ago I designed a magnetic badge holder for the MINI that has become one of the most popular on the market, is affordable, easy to install and simple. Check it out here. Once this badge holder is installed on your MINI grill you can swap out the badges daily, hourly or whenever you want. We've got tons of customers that have collections of badges sitting in a holding pattern on their refrigerator or toolbox - just waiting for the perfect time to swap one out. One day it's a union jack and the next it's checkered flag and the next it's a "R56" badge.
In some case local MINI clubs will have their local club logo put onto a badge or they may create a badge for a particular event so you can proudly show off that you were "THERE"....Here's a small collection of magnetic badges to choose from.

We also offer the GoBadges brand Badge Holder as well their badges.

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