License Plate Bolt Covers for MINI Cooper

License Plate Bolt Covers for MINI Cooper
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Synopsis: Now available in black with a security feature!
It's more common to see custom license plates on a MINI than most other vehicles on the road. If you think your plate is cool, it's likely that others do, too. Maybe they'd like to have YOUR plate in THEIR garage as decoration? It doesn't take more than a few beers and a screwdriver to make that a reality. Replacing a stolen license plate costs well over $135 in Tennessee (and we only need a rear plate here). If you have to buy two, you're into it a couple hundred. Make that issue less tempting for plate thieves by adding a set of security type license plate hardware. Dimple type bolts require the special tool (keep it in your glovebox) to remove as needed but will keep the bad guys (or girls) from stealing your license plate. Sold as a set of 2. Black finish.

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