Music for your Gen1 MINI

Music for your Gen1 MINI
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Synopsis: Connect your smart phone (android/Iphone) to your MINIs (R50, R52, R53) radio to expand your motoring music selection.
It seems I am never quite happy with the music and banter that fills my ears while listening to the local radio shows as I motor around town. Having access to the thousands of digital music files and being able to control my smartphone through the steering wheel controls and radio is my preference. Some Gen2 MINI models have built in or optional USB ports which allow you to simply plug in your android, iphone, smartphone or nearly any other device and control the music stored on the device. Gen1 MINI owners (R50, R52, R53) have to get a bit more creative to achieve the same results. Luckily OutMotoring has a few solutions for you to chose from!

1- The more advanced Auxiliary module that connects the back of the radio and has 3 inputs (USB and 2 aux) that work with tons of the smartphones on the market when the correct cable is used. This type of connection will allow control of the device from the radio or steering controls.

2- The basic Auxiliary input cable simply allows a audio connection to the radio but will not not allow control of the device from the radio or steering controls.

3- The OEM factory Ipod MINI Radio Connection kit is similar to the first option with a few drawbacks such as having only 1 external connection (NO USB, etc) but still a great product to consider.

I would review all of these products, read the descriptions and see what is most important to you and what features you need. In any case, just being able to control what music plays while you drive will be a major upgrade.

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