Protection for your MINI Bumper!

Protection for your MINI Bumper!
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Synopsis: Just landed from the UK: Heavy Duty Rear Bumper Protection Guard
After years of waiting for a MINI rear bumper protector that had some meat to it we are proud to say we finally have them available. I've always had them on our family cars due to the amount of abuse the painted top edge of the bumper takes on a daily basis. Just a trip to the grocery store can end in a series of scratches and scuff when loading grocery bags. A trip to the airport is good for at least one serious scuff and a Home Depot run is sure to add to the mix. While I have done everything I can to protect my personal MINI from this kind of damage the one that got me the other day was the vacuum hose! I was vacuuming out the back seat and trunk area and had the hose running through the boot and needed to get something in the back seat so I left it hanging over the edge of the backseat and got in the car from the side and pulled the hose; and of course the little plastic ribs on the hose made a 3/4" long mark right on the edge of the bumper!!!! Not through to the primer but it will not go I wish I had one of these edge protectors/rear bumper protectors on my MINI to keep it looking pristine. I guess the good thing is I can put one on and it will cover that little mark!

As you can see from the pictures these rear bumper guards are HEAVY DUTY but don't look bulky or clunky. They're nice and streamlined and the edges taper down to a nice thin edge that blends into the curves of the bumper. They are semi rigid parts that hold their own shape and are super easy to install for a finished look. Pre installed double stick tape and in some cases make use of the factory bumper mounting bolts that are visible when the trunk is open. This is the kind of product that is truly worth owning.

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