Replacement MINI Cooper Wheel Center Caps

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Posted: 08-06-2013 02:21 PM
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Synopsis: Get those missing center caps on your MINI replaced!
Over time you may find that 1 or more of the wheel center caps on your beloved MINI have wondered off somewhere. Time could have taken its toll on the glue that holds the domed metal decal in place or they could have been permanently borrowed. In any case you owe it to your MINI to have those center caps replaced. We have both all types of center caps (hub caps as some call them) on our site with the most popular being just the black domed metal stick on type that say "MINI" in chrome, as well as the full replacement cap that has the plastic base. The vast majority of MINI wheels use one of these styles- and if you have the little black 2" cap in place in the center of your wheel you can just buy the stick on cover. If you're missing that little cap you will need this style. If your wheels have a larger center cap/hub cap that is about 5-8" diameter (in various styles) we also have a few on our site but can get any cap as needed- just drop us an email with a picture of your wheel. One of the most popular center caps are those from the Gen1 MINI 15 and 16" wheel which is a round 6" cap that has faux bolts around the perimeter as shown here. Be sure to check out our accent replacement center caps as well should you wish to spice up your driving life a bit. Available in Union Jack, Skull, Black Jack and Checkered Flag.

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