Unichip for the Gen2 N14 Engine is BACK!

Unichip for the Gen2 N14 Engine is BACK!
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Synopsis: Better late than never, and wow, have they done some serious work on this new module!
Lets face it, Unichip got a bad reputation after a handful of problems (see link below) associated with the first version of the Unichip for generation 2 MINI (R56/R57/R55)...the problem was not with the internal coding- which was actually very well engineered. After numerous issues they were able to track the problem down to poor fitting male/female wire loom connections due to a quality control issue. After retooling and reworking the product and the wiring connections and taking a few years off they are now back on the scene with a new version that is sure to be a hit. The new module is engineered (currently) for the N14 engine which is the 07-2010 model. As of now, given the Cobb Tuning/Access port is gone this and the NM engineering tune are among the only available options for N14 Gen2 MINI owners. Fits all 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 N14 engine S models including the Cooper S, Cooper S convertible, and Clubman S.

Power gains have shown 30HP and 30ft lbs of torque on a otherwise 'stock' MINI. If you have a larger turbo or a JCW this will likely throw a code. Minor upgrades like intercoolers, intakes and exhausts should NOT cause issues based on what we have been told.

Here's a link that describes the history of the previous design faults in the wiring loom.

Here's a link to the install instructions.

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