MINI Cooper Headlight Restoration

MINI Cooper Headlight Restoration
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Synopsis: Emit up to 50% more light!
There are many headlight restoration kits on the market. Some require power tools that make a mess and can damage your vehicle. Almost all of them help with hazy headlight lenses, but the repair doesn't last. In a month or two the problem returns, and you have to redo the work. No more! This Headlight Restoration Kit from Griot's Garage is a real solution to the problem. Those other kits lack the UV Protectant included in this kit! Turn those ugly, foggy headlights into a fun, easy-to-do project that will save you hundreds of dollars in lens replacements. You get everything you need to do one pair of lights. Follow the simple instructions or watch the Griot's Garage video to learn how easy the process is ( Then, stand back and smile. You'll be amazed at how well you can see down the highway in the dark.

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