Spray On Car Wash for MINI Cooper

Spray On Car Wash for MINI Cooper
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There are some communities that have prohibited the use of the typical "water hose and bucket" method to wash your car due to drought and water restrictions. There are also communities that don't want the run-off going into the storm drains. How about when it's freezing outside but you really want to wash your vehicle? Now what? Instead of whining about it, Griot's Garage has developed a process that will leave your car spotless, even if you have a heavy road film on your vehicle! Simply squirt on Spray-On Car Wash and gently wipe off to a deep shine. Spray-On Car Wash clings to the side panels of your vehicle and breaks up the road grime quickly. It also has great lubricity, wicks off fast, and buffs out to a fantastic shine. What can I say? It works so well, and is so gentle to the environment, it's even green! It is recommend to be used with the specially developed Spray-On Car Wash Towels. These towels are incredibly soft and keep potentially harmful grit away from the paint surface.

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