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Posted: 06-17-2015 01:35 PM
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Synopsis: Seasoned artist John Weber made a one-of-a-kind poster for Out Motoring!
This work of art by award-winning artist John Weber is perfect for any MINI-lover. Its mesmerizing shape - built out of products you love and we happen to offer - will calm you after a hard day's work or play. The charm is that it is much more than 'just a bunch of car parts'. The more you look at it the more you will see - a spring resting on a checkered flag valve cap, a spark plug comfortably wrapped in a watch... Its layers will draw you in the more you study it.

Having a deep appreciation of art and design as well as all things driven by creativity, I commissioned John to make this 100% sweet work of art for Out Motoring. It was a very fluid process that actually started one day in the Out Motoring install and test facility at the world HQ.  We were talking and just happened to get on the topic of the finer points of how artists know when something is 'done' and 'done right'. Realizing that he shared a certain passion for quality design, it became evident that we should do a project together. Within minutes we had narrowed in on a concept and John was off and running, literally grabbing hundreds of products off our shelves, squirreling them away in numerous boxes in the boot of his 2007 MINI. He had a few twinkles in his eyes.... In a flash he was gone. I was left with not a doubt that a) I would see the $5,000 dollars in product again someday and b) that John would do something amazing. As an artist who has created work for many well-known clients and has assembled a portfolio of unique imagery, I knew he would come up with an exclusive interpretation of our idea.

John painstakingly photographed each item to start the collage process. He then outlined, adjusted and layered all the items until a form started to appear. When he returned all the parts I noticed he had a grin, not a creepy-guy grin, but an 'I've stayed up way too late for way too many nights working on something I love" grin. A few days later I got an email with a link to an image that was, in nearly every way, identical to what you see here. Of course, I asked for our logo to get a little bigger and more prominent which is now in Boost gauge (thanks John). The next time I saw him he still had that grin on his face that all creatives will easily recognize. He told me that he had loads of billable work piling up but this poster was all he wanted to work on. You simply can't put a price on passion.

What you see here is not just a jumbled collection of images. Rather, each item was hand outlined from the original photo, put into a massive Photoshop document (with nearly 300 layers) and assembled in a way that struck a chord with both John and myself. John had full creative control (except for my logo size) and did a remarkable job with this poster.
We are proud to offer this as a LIMITED EDITION print. Each will be  numbered and signed by John himself. We have decided to limit the run to 500 pieces so act now if you want a piece of art that is worthy of being framed and displayed anywhere from your living room to your garage (you better have a nice garage!!)

John told me (in his Photoshop lingo) that I should say something like this about the print quality, although the percentage of the population that understands what it means is pretty slim. "..-It's 4 color printed with a combination conventional/hybrid stochastic screening system that allows a reproduction of a 300 line screen and printing as little as a 1% dot. It also has an aqueous coating over the whole sheet."

Translation: John has done this for a while and picked the best process for the job. He knows a few things about the design and printing process and what you get will be well worth your money. Plus it's a limited edition and signed print!

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