DDM Works Cold Air Intake: R2/3 S

Category: MINI Performance Parts
Posted: 04-20-2015 02:07 PM
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Synopsis: Don't be full of hot air. Try this cold air intake from DDM!
Power and efficiency are achieved by removing bottlenecks and... well, inefficiencies. This is true for any system, including your S. As a DDM Works original design, this intake strives to provide the most power through the highest efficiency of any intake on the market. The UNI dual stage filter provides vastly more air flow with superior filtering over paper or cloth filters, and can be cleaned and re-oiled for a lifetime of service. Completely sealed from the engine bay and open to the pressurized region at the cowl, the DDM Cooper S intake force feeds your supercharger with more fresh, cool air than other intakes on the market. This also makes it the ideal intake for cars with a supercharger reduction pulley. Installation is quick and easy with simple hand tools, and since no parts need to be cut or destroyed, going back to stock is no problem. Available in stainless steel or black powder coat finish, the DDM Works Cooper S Intake will impress you with looks and performance!

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