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RMW Revolution MINI Works Products now available

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Posted: 05-22-2014 03:26 PM
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Synopsis: RMW Revolution MINI Works Products now available
After a few years of following the progress of Jan at Revolution MINI Works we have decided it was time to add the line of MINI specific products he offers. I have been very cautious to add new items to our site that push the limits of the MINI for fear that my company could some how be associated with blown engines and other disasters. After some careful consideration I've decided that the products and services offered by RMW are much like anything else in that the person installing or using the products has nearly as much as effect on the outcome as does the product- assuming the product itself is of good quality and engineered correctly. While there is always going to be some negative results from aggressive engine tuning and modifications I think the products that Jan offers are high quality. Some of the people that install them and then track their cars at high revs and completely abuse their engines have gone to the internet to spread negativity about the manufacturer when in fact EVERYTHING has a braking point. ANYTHING can be pushed too far and lets face it- the MINI engine is anything but bullet proof and abuse is abuse.

Having said that, I am very happy to now offer many of the products that Jan at RMW currently offers and will continue to add more as his business model evolves to allow for retailers like to be a part of the supply chain and to confirm that his level of customer service can stand up to the potential sales volumes. The first products I have listed at OutMotoring are the Camshaft, the Injectors, the Rods, the Head and the Remote Tune - all for the MINI R53/gen1. Soon to come are the Gen2 Remote Tune.

The RMW MINI Cooper Big Valve Head is amongst the best performance heads on the market and are typically available to ship within a few days which is a major step up from our previous supplier that would often take 6 weeks. Not many people can wait that long for head, especially under the assumption that if your MINI needs a new head you're MINI likely does NOT run. Not many people have extra cars. While product shipping time is not the most important thing to me, I feel it is critical to be able to get a customer what he wants as fast as possible. Not only do these heads ship fast, they ARE FAST. They have a reputation of being the best on the market based on reviews from dozens of MINI drivers. Check out more of the details here.

The RMW shorty gen1 Header is another example of a knock out product at a great price that completes with the Milltek and Quicksilver headers for the R53. The flow has proven to be well engineered and build quality is top notch.

The RMW MINI Cooper Camshaft available in as many as 10 iterations is also one of the darlings of the MINI Community and while I have decided to start with the 2 mildest designs we can get the other more aggressive cams upon request and with some consulting with Jan to get the right setup for your build.

Also newly added to is the RMW remote tune which is also one of the most flexible on the market given it allows a level personalization that not many other "chip tuning" solutions offer. The way the remote tune works with Jan is that the hand held unit is shipped from our location along with a order number that is emailed to Jan. He will then work directly with you via email to get your stock tune extracted from your MINI, emailed to him and then he will create a tune that will optimize your setup and then email it back.

Check out these and a few other MINI products from RMW that are now available at

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