Tension, Prevention and Stop.

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Posted: 04-16-2015 03:34 PM
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Synopsis: Solve 3 problems with 1 device - Alta Adjustable Tensioner!
The OEM dampener is very well-known to cause lots of problems on your 2002-2006 MINI. The bushings wear out causing strange noises and dampener failure. When the dampener wears out, it causes instability in your your belt tension, premature belt failure, shortened life of bushings and tensioner spring, and slippage under full throttle. Also, the OEM dampener cannot protect your crank pulley and related parts from getting destroyed in the event a belt fails.

1) The ALTA Performance Tension Damper eliminates tensioner bounce and adds more tension than the OEM dampener, allowing better performance and response under extreme driving conditions.

2) When the serpentine belt fails, the OEM belt tensioner mechanism plunges into the crank pulley, destroying the tensioner and crank pulley. The adjustable ALTA Tensioner Stop simply replaces the original tensioner dampener solidly holding onto the tensioner arm preventing damage when the belt fails.

3) If your stock belt tensioner pulley is jumping around, it can cause enough damage that you have to buy the whole assembly ($250) to get a new pulley dampener. You can remove this problematic part, install the ALTA Performance Tension Damper, save yourself tons of money in repairs and never have to deal with this problem again!

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