MINI Do More MINI Cooper Hitches

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Posted: 11-19-2013 08:05 PM
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Synopsis: New name for MINI Cooper Hitch company
OutMotoring operates a few other MINI related companies. MINIDoMore has been the market leader in MINI Hitches and Towing products for many years and has been copied many times by some of the biggest names in the industry. When we purchased MINIdoMore in 2012 we realized at some point the company name would have to change given it has the trademarked name of MINI and of course the product was related to the MINI so it was just a matter of time.

We were not really shocked when we recently received a nasty letter from a Big Mean Walrus demanding we change our company name as it was trademarked (of course) by their very well mannered legal team many years ago. We bantered back and forth and offered some tasty treats to keep the Walrus happy but they were not interested in such and would not relent.

We thought about some fun options as new company names but it just seemed like the best option to just alter our business name abit (as sort of slap to the Walrus's face- but boy are those tusks sharp!!) anyways they ended up being content taking one of the 'I's" in our company name and website and it looks like we're in the clear. So, as you may have already MINIDoMore has evolved into Same great company, just one less "I" in the name.

So, when you're out looking for a hitch for your MINI so you can tow your favorite hobby or make moving around the country a bit easier on your wallet we welcome you stop by do pick up a tow hitch for your MINI.

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