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page_013 - MINI Cooper Accessories + MINI Cooper Parts

If your local or regional MINI club is planning a MINI meet that you think will benefit from sponsorship from us we have a way to support your events. Due to the large number of requests we have created a 'product' that allows the organizers of events around the world to get a sponsor pack to match the number of cars that are planning on attending. What we can offer (FREE) is a number of Out Motoring stickers and/or keychains (for everyone attending) as well as a few Out Motoring T-shirts or hats that you can use as door prizes or raffle items (depending on how many attendees there are). These sponsor kits are provided free of charge if shipped in the US. All other countries are asked to just cover shipping charges as required.

All we ask in return is that you have a fairly accurate estimate of the number of cars (from our experience this number is usually VERY optimistic at the early stages, so please try to get a realistic estimate so we don't end up sending too much stuff that gets wasted) and that we have at least 7 business days to prep the order.
**We would also appreciate our banners/logos, links , etc placed on your club website, event web site and promotional flyers, etc.**
We hope this sounds like a fair trade, if not, let us know.

At this time we do not sponsor individual racers or show car owners (IE SCCA, solo, autocross, etc) with money or product, sorry.

Also, please email us and let us know what's happening, where it is, and all that good stuff. If we can make it out there, we might just stop by! If not, it's always nice to know where our kits are going.

Please click here  to add one of these to your order .