"Peel Back" Side Graphics
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"Peel Back" Side Graphics

WEIGHT:  1.00 lbs
brand: Stickers + Stripes
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20This set of door graphics feature a 'peel back' design that appears as if the door panel is being peeled back which shows a Union Jack, Checkered Flag or Black Jack pattern beneath. The 'peel back' flap is actually a part of the graphic and it looks quite cool! Sold as a set of 2.

Simple installation requires a 10:1 ratio of water to soap in a spray bottle, 45 minutes or so and some patience. After cleaning the surface of the door apply the sticker while the door is wet from the water/soap spray. Position it so it aligns with the vertical door jamb and the lower edge AND as needed let it overlap (in either location) to get it to to look correct on your doors. Once positioned and the water has been 'sqeezed' out using a squeegee, trim the vertical and/or lower sill part of the sticker using a xacto knive so the graphic looks the way you want it to. As needed you can also pre trim the graphic before applying so it can be trimmed using scissors, etc.

Available in (see drop down menu for selection):
Union Jack
Black Jack
Checkered Flag

This product is roughly 22" x 22"

Fits these MINI models: all current models


There are no product reviews for this product yet.

If you have purchased this item and would like to leave a product review please sign in to add your review.

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My comment has to do with placing an order this weekend for less that $10 of products I tried paying with paypal three times and all three times it let me into the paypal system after logging in with my info for paypal then handed me back to your system at my shopping cart with the items still there and no order as if I never went through the process to pay with paypal. I finally opted to pay via my credit card and the system accepted the payment type and completed my order. Was this caused by a glitch in the system or what was the deal? My final order number is order #106762 which is the only one of four attempts in the end to be successful.

Scott D Selk

Love your business and your attempt to service MINI owners. One suggestion for you. When you feature a produce on the front of your emails each time, you should explain just exactly what the part is, what it does, and why a MINI owner would want to replace something on their car with it. All of us are not mechanics and might not recognize a picture of a part. As you do the site now, you always put these things in there and the copy is written as though everyone knows exactly what the part is for.

Another idea, what are the types of things that many MINI owners can do with their cars in terms of customization. Your site is so vast and the number of ideas so large, it's hard for the average person to get their arms around what you offer and why we should buy. You write as though we already know what we want when we come to your site. In actuality, many MINI owners who are not car-savvy don't even know what they might be looking for.

I hope this is helpful.


John Polis
John Polis

Wow, nothing but great things to say about outmotoring and the customer service. Aaron was great following up with any questions and delivery tracking. Very satisfied with the clear tails for my AM V8V. Will absolutely be continuing to shop here for future parts!

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