Intake Eventuri + Hood Scoop Carbon Fiber

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Karen Casey
Jun 24, 2021
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I wanted a manual transmission more than all wheel drive and better engine, so ordered the Clubman S rather than JCW, thinking that the money saved could be used to upgrade areas that were perhaps a bit lacking. Other than the horrid run flat tires the first thing that bugged me was it seemed to lag off the mark. Although my goal isn't to go faster but rathr to handle the best possible on challenging twisty roads, it seemed clear that there would be an overlap between handling and horsepower!
After replacing the tires, this Eventuri was my next project. There was a couple months delay between order and receipt so I was thrilled when it arrived. It is simply fabulous. I have no complaints. Well I wish they would have included instructions in the box, but there are wonderful detailed instructions with photographic illustrations available to download from Eventuri. Those instructions are top notch. I also watched YouTube Videos and while there are a few differences where you need to follow the Eventuri ones, the vid by tweedbean I found to be most helpful. Keep in mind that I had to watch a video on how to use a socket set (it had been years since I last used one) before I could even complete the first steps! In other words if I with my limited knowledge can install this so can you. It took my several hours but I am slow and quadruple checked everything.
Was it worth it? Without question it makes a tremendous difference in decreasing that lag between giving it gas and the car actually responding. It also improves the engine sound. It now has a deeper, throatier sound which is very pleasing. It is not obnoxious, just sounds deeper.
I got the black plastic rather than carbon fiber. If I was involved in shows where folks looked under the hood, maybe the carbon fiber could be justified. I corresponded with Eventuri and the thermal improvement if any between the two was very little. So I saved the $600 to use in another project and went with the less expensive option. There is a wee bit of me that wishes I had selected the carbon fiber. I had already at great expense blacked out the chrome everywhere so I wasn't thrilled with a carbon fiber scoop and thought I would spray paint it black. Don't have a cow, after installing it, I decided it was dark enough to work with the black trim pieces everywhere else.

Advantages: Can install yourself. Looks good. Works great.

Disadvantages: Cost.
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