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Posted: 01-13-2021 03:28 PM
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Synopsis: Shop Cold Air Intake Systems and Save!
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If you're shopping for intake systems for your gen1 MINI including the 2002-2006 Cooper S Hatchback R53 and 2004-2008 Cooper S Convertible R52 be sure to add the DDM Works Cold Air Intake to your short list. It's one of the few that has a removable top that keeps warm air from the engine bay out of the conical filter and is removable so you can clean the filter every 10,000 miles. DDM Works make some other great products for most generations of MINI models so be sure to check out the rest of their MINI upgrades on our site here.
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NM Engineering makes some of the best performance and upgrades parts for the gen2 and gen3 MINI models. Their gen2 intakes have proven themselves year after year so be sure to check them out here. We have a full range of intakes in various fitments for US and non US spec MINI models as well as different intake inlet tube finishes and materials such as Carbon Fiber. The cleanable filter is a great way to reduce wasted and offers much better air flow than a traditional flat filter. Shop all NM products at here.
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MMM, MMM, MMMMM! There's nothing like opening your hood at the local car show and seeing a stunning intake made of real carbon fiber. The AWE Tuning intake for the gen3 models is simply stunning and if left on a white stand in a museum could be mistaken for a piece of modern art. But don't let this art fool you. This is one of the best intake systems for the F series MINI models. Grab one today before they're gone!

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