Tire Change Kit w/Bag: R60+R61
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Tire Change Kit w/Bag: R60+R61

SKU:  71109808661+
WEIGHT:  9.00 lbs
brand: MINI: Genuine
Our price: $324.95
list price: $367.91
you save: 12%
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4.91 out of 5
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If you've realized the either your MINI was delivered without a tool kit or the previous owner may have lost it this is what you need to be ready at the side of the road next time you get a flat tire. Assuming you already have the spare tire kit we offer having this will be the next most important thing.

Please note this kit is only designed for the vehicles listed below. There are certain tools in this kit that are engineered for the Countryman and Paceman that will not work on other MINI models.

Kit includes:
Lifting Jack
Ratcheting Socket
Tool Bag/Knee Pad
Wheel Chock
Center Cap Hook
Tow Hook
Lug Wrench

The Tire Change Kit: Countryman + Paceman is one of the many MINI Cooper Parts and Accessories that we carry and will fit the following MINI Cooper Models and Years:

R60 MINI Cooper Countryman: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

R60-S MINI Cooper S Countryman: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

R61 MINI Cooper Paceman: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

R61-S MINI Cooper S Paceman: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

R-Fifty WHAT?? Confused about what model MINI you have? We’re here to help. Check this out for more information.

If you're shopping around and notice this part for less please note this is a Genuine MINI part NOT a aftermarket manufacturer part. Genuine MINI parts are often manufactured to higher standards with materials approved by MINI.

Kit Includes:
1- 71109808661
1- 71109807244
1- 71121507292
1- 71126769151
1- 71111507294
1- 72157953893
1- 71126779731


There are no product reviews for this product yet.

If you have purchased this item and would like to leave a product review please sign in to add your review.

Customers' comments

Installed short shifter kit with no problems except kit did not come with 'o' ring for shifter shaft. Factory 'o' ring was too larger off of OEM shift lever. I would also recommend some good out door adhesive to reinstall dust cover on shift box, because some of the locking tabs may break off when removing. And with this short shifter kit there is no need to modify shifter box as some other products require you to leave dust cover off or purchase a drop cover to accommodate the longer shift lever. Thank you so much Out Motoring for another great product and customer service, Jon
Jon Newman

Love your business and your attempt to service MINI owners. One suggestion for you. When you feature a produce on the front of your emails each time, you should explain just exactly what the part is, what it does, and why a MINI owner would want to replace something on their car with it. All of us are not mechanics and might not recognize a picture of a part. As you do the site now, you always put these things in there and the copy is written as though everyone knows exactly what the part is for.

Another idea, what are the types of things that many MINI owners can do with their cars in terms of customization. Your site is so vast and the number of ideas so large, it's hard for the average person to get their arms around what you offer and why we should buy. You write as though we already know what we want when we come to your site. In actuality, many MINI owners who are not car-savvy don't even know what they might be looking for.

I hope this is helpful.


John Polis
John Polis

The customer service is amazing! They literally replied same day and looked after everything. You've gained a loyal customer. I will definitely purchase more of my products through them!

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