Gen4: J01 2026 MINI Cooper Electric

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Posted: 06-04-2024 06:59 PM
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Synopsis: NEWS about the J01

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A couple of MotoringFiles most reliable sources have finally confirmed what so many of us have been waiting for; the new generation of electric MINI Cooper is coming to the US. But which MINI Cooper models and when will we finally see them in the US? Let’s dive into what exactly we’ve heard from sources and what it means for North American MINI fans.

Why The New J01 MINI Cooper Electric Isn’t Already Sold In North America


The J01 MINI Cooper is built on the brand’s first ever bespoke EV architecture and represents a major leap in range, performance and technology compared to its F56 MINI Cooper SE predecessor. And as we speak it’s filtering into showrooms throughout most of the world. However the fact that it’s manufactured in China has eliminated the possibly of North America imports due to tariffs that started in 2018. But MINI has a solution.

Last year MINI and the UK government announced a plant expansion at the Oxford Plant in 2026 paving the way for production of the electric J01 MINI Cooper and the J05 MINI Aceman with no profit crushing tariffs. However nothing was announced about US imports and thus far MINI has been very... click here to read the rest of the article at



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