Chrome SlimLite 6" Driving Light Set
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Chrome SlimLite 6" Driving Light Set

SKU:  123kc
WEIGHT:  7.00 lbs
Our price: $257.95
Average customer rating:
4.99 out of 5
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It has proven to be quite a challenge to find a chrome driving light that is similar in size and performance to the factory MINI driving light kit. While the MINI oem kit is a great product, some people just don't want to spend $400 on the lights plus install and programming to get them to work. After a long search we were able to find this set that is a nice scale and is nicely designed AND is slim enough that they can be mounted on the Gen 1 MINI using the brackets that mount through the grill like the factory kit but is a lot cheaper and can be installed and used with needing to go to the dealer to get activated. This set is a bit larger than the factory lights yet they are about the same weight so they should be pretty stable when mounted in the upper grill location on Gen 1 MINIs and of course will not be a problem when mounted on Gen 2 MINI's in either location.

6" round chrome plated steel housing.

This set includes

2- chrome light housings
2- removable chrome rock shields
2- 100 watt H3 bulbs
1- rocker switch
1- installation parts & ready-to-use wiring system with in-line fuse for added circuit protection.

Does not include mounting brackets.


There are no product reviews for this product yet.

If you have purchased this item and would like to leave a product review please sign in to add your review.

Customers' comments

The lights work great and look great too. Much brighter than stock. Pretty easy to install after you get the 2 tabs (top & bottom) on the old lights either compressed or just break them as their not need for install or removal there are 3 screws that mount the lights and seal them from the elements.
Steve Shell

Dear whom it concenr
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Has many diff types of choice and each product they select to sell has good reputaions and feedback. Also the prices are very reasonable
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Each items contains the detail pictures and well information. If u have 100s diff item and so on.. they put not just a factory pic but well explained picture with NAM links if there for additiinal derails
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Well this part is not 100% outmotoring company since the 3rd shipping company kicks in but as long as outmotoring cares all the other things for us.. they actually provide well info about ship choice and time consume on delivery .. and they care for u as much as they can ( as long as it is in their end ) once its hands on and policy ober to ups and usps etc .. its theirs? But outmoto has been very good at this also
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With all due respect
And sorry about my lack in english .
sungmoo lee

OMG! I ordered Window Rain/Wind Guards for my Mini Cooper, which, by the way, were almost impossible to find and they arrived the NEXT DAY!!! I paid Standard shipping. Amazing. I have not installed them yet but did do a test fit and they look like they are a perfect fit. THANKS SO MUCH!
Sarah T Delp

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