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Motoring Points Rewards

How cool is this! Now you can shop from your favorite MINI Parts and Accessory website AND earn points so you can save money or even get some stuff for FREE. Just create an account or login to your existing account to start!

It's super EASY:
1- Create a new account (or login your existing account!!) by clicking the "register" link. Simply fill out the blank fields in the "Create Profile" section. Alternately you can also make a account at checkout directly below the billing and shipping address fields (just enter a username and password to start). If you already have a account be sure to login when you shop so your points will be stored.

2- Buy some cool stuff for your MINI.
-As you make purchases you will automatically get rewards points which will be stored in your account and can be used on the NEXT order.

3- to see how many rewards you have simply log in to your account and click the "REWARDS" tab.

4- Next time you're shopping at Outmotoring (and once logged in) you can pay for your order in full (if you have enough points) or apply the points you have to get a discount.

In order to apply your points at checkout please do the following steps:

-  Confirm you are logged in (your name will show up at the top right)
-  At checkout there is a series of payment options. Select "Motoring Points" as the payment method.
-  A field will display showing how many points you have and how many are required to pay for the full order. Type the number of points you want to apply into the box.
-  Click SUBMIT ORDER at the bottom of the page. Your points will now show as being applied to the total order amount.
-  Now scroll down and select the payment option you would like to use for the remainder of the order and click SUBMIT ORDER again.

- Rewards expire 365 days from the date they were accrued.
- It's not possible for us to add rewards to an account after a purchase has been made so please confirm you are logged in to your account when shopping.
- Motoring Points cannot be redeemed for cash.
- Points can be earned and used to get discounts on future purchases.
- We cannot be held responsible for events caused by extreme happiness over getting stuff for free. Sorry.