Joe O: 2005 MINI Cooper S: Bethlehem PA

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Posted: 04-22-2014 02:56 PM
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Synopsis: 2005 MINI Cooper S Pennsylvania
My car is an '05 R53 with 164k miles.  Upgrades include, other than
the obvious body/paint, engine, suspension, brakes, much to numerous to
list here.  Let's just say, "She's pretty quick and handles great".

Paint work (not decal) was done in the Auto Body Shop of the
Vocational High School where I taught Plumbing back in 2009, the same
year I retired.  

The model I did myself.  It's 1:18 scale, and sits on the dash (see AutoCross photo).
Known as the "MINI MINI".

I now work at Advance Auto Parts as a Retail Manager, a job was born to do!  
Everyone who comes into the store asks all the young kids if that is their MINI.  
They just say, "No, it's the 'old man's'".  I be 69 this year, but feel 18 driving my "Baby".

Also, note the license plate:  "YES-I-FIT".  I'm 6'4", 226lbs, and got tired of people
asking, "Do you fit in that car?"

Hope I didn't bore you with all the above info.  Thanks for allowing me to showcase my


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