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All About Badge Holders for the MINI Cooper

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Posted: 01-22-2014 07:37 PM
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Synopsis: got badges?
If you've ever been to a MINI event or club gathering or maybe saw a MINI driving around town with a little round badge on the grill you've likely wondered to yourself what this was all about. Was that MINI special? Did they attend some event and got this badge? Did they win some sort of award? What's the deal with these badges on the grill anyways?

Well, it started many years ago with classic British cars having custom made ornate badges that designate certain country of origin or special edition vehicles and when MINI came 'back' to the market and made their presence known along with it came a desire to dig into the British Heritage and racing from which the MINI came from. It did not take long for MINI owners to start putting these classic style badges on their cars- which could have been borrowed from one of the MINIs older British cousins grill. Soon it seemed the classic style badges were too limiting in design or there wasn't just the right badge on the market to symbolize a specific event or country. Early adopters like and a few others were first to market with a slew of round magnetic badges that attached to the official MINI badge holder. After the initial push from them and others it seemed like the market became flooded very quickly with every sort of grill badge for the MINI Cooper. Some were new and innovation sayings, shapes, images, icons or flags while others related to the club a MINI owner belonged to. In any case, they have become a staple in the MINI community and it seems that a MINI driving without a badge is naked or missing something.

If you're interested in getting a few badges for your MINI grill we've got a fantastic selection to chose from. Not only that but we offer a few different badge holders. Some mount to the grill while others mount to the license frame hardware. In any case you can display your badge collection for the world to see. Start with 1 and you'll soon find that they multiply- so beware!

Click here to learn more about the Go Badges Grill Badge Holder for the MINI in Chrome, Black or Carbon Fiber

Click here to learn about the Go Badges Dome Badges for the MINI Cooper

Click here to learn about the OutMotoring MINI Cooper Grill Badge holder

Click here to learn about the OutMotoring Double Badge Holder for the MINI Cooper that mounts to the license plate

The MINI Cooper Grill Badges and Badge Holders shown here fit the following MINI Cooper models:

Gen1 MINI Cooper Models:
Gen2 MINI Cooper Models:

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